Mermaid at I’M Hotel: Ideal for entertainment and chills

I went there as I watched the performances at the Fete de la Musique’s Eclectic stage. The delay of the show drew me to tour the roundabouts of the bar and I was amazed at the entire colorful set-up. The space was huge enough for a small concert (preferably acoustic and other “chill” concerts) to be held. The artwork on stage was beautiful and described the aquatic ambiance of the pool bar hence the mermaid’s image.

The stage where bands perform

The pool provided an impressive view of the buildings. It was equally relaxing to either sit on the caged lounges on top of the pool, lounge chairs by the poolside and simply at the restaurant sipping some cocktails, munching some snacks, chatting with friends and when there was an event like the Fete de la Musique, watch bands perform.

Poolside from the entrance
Lounge chairs
Poolside near the view
The view from the pool

The food and drinks were promising despite the budget spent on them. The salted egg chips were as delicious as I expected and sipping a glass of Mermaid tears cocktail drink felt like an unexpected comeback, given that I have not drunk cocktails for a long time.

Salted Egg Chips and Mermaid Tears Cocktail while waiting for the show

I would definitely consider Mermaid as a comeback place. I would also recommend it for my family, friends and loved ones, as well as for typical bar hoppers yearning for a place to chill.

Mermaid is located at the 2nd floor by the pool. It usually opens at the evening from Monday to Thursday, and the whole day on Friday and weekends.

For more information about the bar and the hotel


Red Spice: a restaurant that adds value to the authenticity of Chinese cuisine

Red Spice just made me appreciate Chinese food to the highest level. I love the offered food choices, the presentation and the taste of food, and the restaurant provides a luxurious ambiance that gives comfort to accommodated guests like myself. However, it would be better if the price is reasonable enough for the meal’s serving size. It would then be better if the price is either lower than the actual or the serving is huge enough for the set price.

It is so far my most preferred Chinese restaurant in which I have ever set foot. As much as I would personally love to go back to Okada, I would equally consider this restaurant worth returning to.

The interior of the restaurant

And meanwhile, the pictures of some meals and beverages.

Apple Berry (left) and Almond Tapioca (right) iced teas
Yang Chow (fried rice bowl with pork and egg)
Steamed Fish
Tofu with beans
Chop Suey
Stir fried seafood noodles

For more information about Red Spice

Okada Manila Official Website

Red Spice Okada Manila

Red Spice Okada Manila Zomato

Okada Manila: a hotel and casino resort in bloom

Okada became my cup of tea as soon as I set foot in it. Its Japanese Cherry Blossom decorations mesmerized me to the point that I felt like taking pictures of the interiors and the venue attracted me even further as I continued roaming around. The resort is clean and well-maintained and it has several amenities that are worth tuning to (I am way looking forward to watching World of Wonders). Okada is already worth the attraction despite its construction on progress and I am certain that it will be a lot more exhilarating once it is fully built.

Here are some photos of the festive interiors found in Okada.

And finally the restroom doors that look like closets standing next to one another.

Seeing these mesmerizing and beautiful interiors makes me want to go back more than twice. I will be more than amazed to see what Okada has to offer once it is fully constructed.

Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour!

For more information about Okada Manila

Explore the wonders of the land of the rising sun named Japan

I am finally glad to have visited the country I have long yearned to visit. It took me by chance to tour in Japan as my main purpose was to solely receive my certificate in SENIA (c.f. SENIA Advocacy Awards 2017: “One day I want to honestly say I made it.”) and I appreciated every attraction there was to see in this wonderful paradise. I equally felt accomplished that I finally went to Akihabara and Harujuku – the dream places of every anime, manga, cosplay and Japanese fashion fanatic. I was satisfied to have gone to areas I have always wanted to go to, to have discovered places I never thought I would appreciate, to have bought items I have always wanted to buy and last but not the least, to have spent time with friends who were also in Japan with the same purpose as mine (which was to attend SENIA conference in Yokohama along with the other members of the network).

Below is the itinerary of my five day travel in Japan. Time is never wasted no matter how long I have stayed in each of them.


Arrival at Narita Airport
First authentic Japanese meal with green tea
Shibuya crossing – where lines and people intersect without bumping each other
Hachiko statue near Shibuya station. The dog that teaches the value of loyalty and faithfulness
Set of kimonos found in Kimono Kawaii Company, a kimono rental shop in Shibuya.
Kimono photoshoot (studio)
Kimono photoshoot (outside)
Spicy Black Sesame Ramen for Dinner
Shibuya at night

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Come and join the fun at the natural playground called The Fun Farm!

I felt being one of the luckiest to go to this breathtaking nature as part of the school field trip. I was glad to have taken every opportunity in trying once-in-a-lifetime outdoor activities such as obstacle courses and tent house climbing and in having my photo taken with the horse. However, the weather was rainy back then. It still did not stop me and my companions from enjoying the ride to the point that I would consider every activity as my once-in-a-lifetime workout.

Me doing different activities – obstacle courses, tent house climbing, and picture taking with the horse

Other offered activities include boat rides, animal rides, zip line, feeding the animals, fishing and truck riding. For more information about this recreational area, please visit its official website and its Facebook page.

Definitely recommended for children, kids-at-heart, and families.

Further readings

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“Around Town: Fun Farm in Sta. Elena,” SmartParenting

“Fun Farm at Sta. Elena,”

“The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena Attraction Reviews,” Trip Advisor

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The Fun Farm Sta. Elena Golf and Country Estate Cabuyao SLEX by

Once upon a time, in a paradise called Coron..

I feel so lucky that I finally experienced a serene escapade from hectic days. Coron, Palawan is indeed ideal for relaxation due to its calm nature and province-like attractions, fresh air and limited number of cityscape activities (e.g. nightclubs, parties, bars, most probably unless it’s summer) in contrast with Boracay which, due to its active city like features, caters more to beach hoppers yearning for night party life in addition to water activities such as kayaking, banana rides, snorkeling, scuba diving and island hopping. However, Coron is good for a once in a lifetime visit due to the limited number of activities that in my opinion lack promotion. It may be then worth a budget to visit another place, unless the travelers have found their place in Coron when yearning for a relaxation resort.

However, the limited number of activities does not stop me from appreciating my weekend travel.

For more information about Coron, Palawan

National Museum: the attraction that embraces the beauty of Filipino culture

Good to know that the entrance is free. Touring the museum is indeed more unforgettable the second time around as it gives me an occasion to reinforce my knowledge in Filipino culture, and to learn more about Filipino archaeology, manuscripts and its ancient alphabet Baybayin, textile, rice planting and Muslim Art. Looking forward to going back and discovering more the museum perks.

For more information about the museum, kindly visit its official website. Enjoy the tour!

From Hong Kong with love, which is indeed sweeter the second time around

My recent visit is a lot more fulfilling than my first back in 2008. There are so many sites I have visited for the first time that include Causeway Bay, Central, the Victoria Harbour and the Carribean Coast (which makes me feel that I have missed a lot from my first visit, while escaping from the vendors who would persist in chasing me when I was just window shopping in random stores and had no particular plans in buying anything). There are equally perks I have cherished including the facts that the transportation is convenient and well-organized, and that there are so much to buy and chill in, and lights to stare at especially during night time. It was such a pity that I came in Hong Kong with a cold. However it did not bother me at all as my appreciation of the trip outweighed it.

Here are some of the places I visited during my weekend stay. I would love to go to music and other bars, and taste a hint of rose beer (in other words, pink beer) in my next tour.



















For more information about Hong Kong

City of Dreams Manila: Where Filipino Dreams are Made Of

It is not as extraordinary as its original counterpart found in Macau. It is, however, satisfying enough for both amateur and first-time international Filipino travelers, given the high-class prestige it provides to every upper-mid class passerby with its luxurious retail selling, gaming and entertainment facilities and world class dining restaurants as well as convenience, making Filipinos feel that they have been to City of Dreams even though they have never set foot in the actual branch in Macau. It incorporates three hotels named Crown Towers, Nobu Hotel and Hyatt City of Dreams, the latter of which is where the Cafe is located and where my family and I dined once at our first visit of the venue.

Hyatt City of Dreams and its interiors

The Cafe offers a variety of dishes from different cultures with various culinary methods – the Italian (mostly pasta and pizza dishes), the Grill and Griddle (satay, kebab, yakitori..), the Asian (dimsum, Chinese BBQ, Wok, Noodles, and Rice), the Comfort and Favorites (tempura, fried dimsum, pressured fried dishes, and other fried food) and The Pastry (otherwise known as the Desserts section). The food is not bad in terms of taste yet may not be as delicious (except for the Italian food which tastes heavenly!!) compared to other fine dining restaurants and buffets (most particularly in hotels). The overall appearance, however, is presentable and satisfying enough for consumers to crave for the known dishes.

Salad, Appetizer, Pasta & Soup Noodles at The Cafe

There is honestly so much to improve about the City of Dreams Filipino counterpart that I would personally pick Solaire and Resorts World Manila above it for both fine dining and recreational amenities. Yet, I am awfully glad that it is already attractive for a start-up established group of hotels and I am way looking forward to what City of Dreams Manila has to offer.

And meanwhile, the two other hotels of the City of Dreams..

Nobu Hotel
Crown Towers

For more information about City of Dreams Manila

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