Few more weeks to catch up with the outstanding Les Miserables

The musical is still worth an appreciation even though the movie has much more impact. There are lots of aspects to consider in this masterpiece ranging from picturesque scenes (stage is well-decorated and the costumes and props are properly arranged) to outstanding talents (I personally find the singing and the acting excellent), and the lives of each main character are descriptive and well-understood. It equally manages to gain more audience impact as it reaches its second half, although the first half makes me feel like I am watching a play just to pass my time. It is indeed worth an exhilarating soiree with family and friends. Kudos to the cast and the whole production team and to Gavroche!

So far, I adore Gavroche for his childlike, innocent features and his liveliness, and Cosette. I equally admire Eponine as I find her relatable.

Les Miserables in a nutshell – taken from my Instagram

When and where to watch the play The Theatre at Solaire, Manila. Everyday except Mondays.

Based on Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables

Produced by Cameron Mackintosh

Starring Simon Gleeson, Earl Carpenter, Rachelle Ann Go, Kerrie Anne Greenland, Emily Langridge, Paul Wilkins

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars (9/10)

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Musical Play extended until May 1! 


There is more to The House of Dancing Water than a mere play

It is spectacular with the facts that it extends way beyond its musical theater aspect and it involves acrobats, the use of “water” both as props and as the subject of the show with its literal dancing performance, a few ballet performances, and a motor cross exhibition held in the middle of the play. All these provide a colorful and flavorful look to the play’s simple story line, making it worth the watch for every tourist that steps foot in Macau. Here are the interesting scenes found in the play and as much as I was forbidden to take photos with my camera phone that lights up like a flash even without a flash, I still managed to document.









It is rare to find similar plays in any countries I have been to. Another aspect to appreciate about the play is its uniqueness as witnessed in its first look at stage decorations, at a musical play rolled into ballet performances, acrobat shows and motor cross exhibitions, and at the use of ‘water’ as subject and props.

The actual stage

It is indeed impossible not to get wet while watching this spectacular play. But still I enjoyed it!

Where and when to watch the play Macau, City of Dreams. Everyday except Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Directed by Franco Dragone


A fisherman encounters a legend as he immerses himself into deep water. The legend tells the tale of a young man about to save the princess enslaved by her evil stepmother.

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars (9/10)

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“Macau: The Country of Dreams”

Grease is the Word..the Musical Review

From Summer Nights to You’re the One I Want…

Grease is ALWAYS THE WORD!  

It is excellent in musical performances particularly in how the catchy songs and engaging dance numbers captivated the entire audience. Stars including Iya Villania and Frencheska Farr are surely not to be missed. The scene arrangement (unexpected scene changes) may be an issue yet it doesn’t affect the overall entertainment. WAY TO GO GREASE!!


Directed by Robbie Guevara

Starring Iya Villania, Frencheska Farr..

Overall Rating 4/5 stars (8/10)

Proceeds of this show are donated to victims of the typhoon via Philippine Red Cross. Another reason to watch and enjoy! 

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