Stabilo Pastel Collection: A must for every stationery, arts and writing supplies collector

I was one of the luckiest to have discovered about the promo of this collection through Stabilo Is Launching Their Ultimate Collection This Weekend, SPOT.PH . This was held on July 14-16, 2017 in National Book Store at Glorietta 1, Makati City and I still insisted in going and buying those pastel highlighters, fine liners and fibre-tip pens even though I lived far from the venue. And with God’s grace, I managed to grasp each and every available color of these mentioned materials. I did not regret spending a penny no matter how much they all costed, realizing that they could be of so much use when doing my artwork, journal writing or simply taking notes in case I go back to school. The ink looked attractive on paper just as the bodies of the highlighters, fine liners and fibre-tip pens were appealing to the eyes of die-hard pastel collectors. More importantly, it does not smudge the back of the paper.

I used the named materials immediately after the purchase. It has been weeks since I started using them and I realized that each type of material played specific roles. Stabilo Pastel Highlighters are ideal for highlighting the key words and are more transparent than its standard color counterparts, which makes the highlighted words clearer to read. Stabilo Pastel Point 88 Fine Liners are more useful in annotations as well as in writing, drawing, coloring, painting and calligraphy, for the ink is water soluble enough to make it as a painting color (see Stabilo point 88 video for more Stabilo 88 tricks). Stabilo Pastel 8 Pen 68 Fibre-tip pens are used for the same purposes of Stabilo 88 Fine Liners except for annotations and writings. Stabilo pens and pencils are worth to look in the eye but in my opinion, are the supplies that I am okay with not buying. These are nothing different from regular pencils and black ink pens, although the pastel colors of their bodies made me assume that those were colored pastel pencils and pens with pastel colored inks.

My Stabilo Pastel Collection together with my standard Stabilo 88

For more information about STABILO


National Museum: the attraction that embraces the beauty of Filipino culture

Good to know that the entrance is free. Touring the museum is indeed more unforgettable the second time around as it gives me an occasion to reinforce my knowledge in Filipino culture, and to learn more about Filipino archaeology, manuscripts and its ancient alphabet Baybayin, textile, rice planting and Muslim Art. Looking forward to going back and discovering more the museum perks.

For more information about the museum, kindly visit its official website. Enjoy the tour!

Da Vinci The Genius: The Man Who Knows Everything

Only know him as an artist? Then better consider that again. Leonardo Da Vinci is not just an artist who’s famous for his Mona Lisa painting (otherwise known as La Joconde in French) but is also a scientist and inventor of things we have been using ’till today – planes, war materials, and other sorts of machinery. It is indeed him who discovered the optical theory explaining why we see things. It is because of the light emitted by an exterior object penetrates the eye, the image of which is interpreted by the brain (documentary show in the museum, see sketch below for visual explanation).

The following are the pictures of some Da Vinci’s innovations in the exhibition. These may seem like a replica, but they give a slight idea what Da Vinci’s innovations are like.

Da Vinci’s physics inventions
Paracadute (Parachute)
Meccanismo d’Oroglio (Clock Mechanism)
Stanza degli Specci (Mirrors Room)
Stanza degli Specci (Mirrors Room)
Bombarda (Cannon)
Mitragliatrice a Ventaglio (Multi-Directional Gun Machine)
Catapulta (The Catapult)
Carro Armato (Tank)
Citta Ideale (The Ideal City)
Codices (otherwise known as Da Vinci’s manuscripts)
Codices (otherwise known as Da Vinci’s manuscripts)

Not forgetting to feature his most notable Renaissance paintings..

IMG_6431 IMG_6435

IMG_6434 IMG_6439

Hope you enjoyed your tour!

Photos taken in  Da Vinci The Genius Exhibition in The Mind Museum, Taguig City Philippines. For more information about the museum, please visit its website, Facebook  and Twitter pages. You can also read about it in The Mind Museum, Trip Advisor.

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