First of all, THANKS for dropping by! This is the blog where you will find reviews in the field of arts, entertainment and leisure. These will include anime and manga, art, books, movies and TV series, music, fashion and beauty (soon-to-be-updated), food and beverages, health and fitness, hobbies and interests, events and travel reviews, as well as the author’s general views in life and the current news and trends discovered in today’s social media buzz (there are no controversial entries presented in this blog). You will also find advocate-related entries under “MY EXCEPTIONAL JOURNEY”, where the author narrates her adventures with exceptionally-abled individuals through write-ups of her personal experiences in working and joining activities with individuals with special needs, attending special education events and seminars and being one of these exceptional people.



Writing about feelings, thoughts, opinions, interests and daily experiences has always been a lifetime hobby for Genvie, who now seeks to express her passion through her blog. She is also known as an artist, a musician, an anime/manga fan, a movie buff, a wide reader, a multicultural traveler, a food tripper and an aspiring pastry chef and entrepreneur.

She pursues to spread special needs awareness as an advocate for herself, her neuroatypical friends and the rest of the exceptional individuals. She is also a devoted Catholic ♡


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