#IMAmpon: A segment on parenthood, adoption and decision-making

I have grown to love this particular Ipaglaban Mo episode to the point that it has become my another favorite episode even though I am not a parent. It is interesting knowing that it entails the importance of responsible parenthood and reminds the audience that every decision made involves consequences. This segment is about a young woman who fights for her rights to retrieve her child, realizing her regret that she could have let her family in-law look after him. The case has been dismissed and the rights to keep the child are given to the adoptive parents.

I feel that it is more about making crucial and wise decisions even though the story centers more on parenthood and adoption. Making good decisions will lead us to better roads and one is less likely to look back with regret when facing good consequences in life. It is indeed important to make wise decisions especially when it involves a legal case such as the right to keep a child as one’s own. If Rona had thought of entrusting her child to her in-laws instead of sending him into adoption, she would not have regretted giving her child away (yet she cannot be blamed for what she did since she is young, does not know much about the real world cases including adoption rights and cannot afford to be educated on them due to financial problems). However, I am glad as an audience that she has learned her lesson and ends up being in good terms with the child’s adoptive parents.

N.B. Originally aired between 1988 and 1999, Ipaglaban Mo! is a Filipino series that features stories based on real world cases. The airing of the show takes place at 3 pm every Saturday, after its revival in 2014.

Title (translated) Fight for It!

Country Philippines

Original Run June 7, 2014 – present

Genre Legal Drama, Crime Drama, Anthology

Length (per episode) 60 min

Episode title Ampon (translated title: Adoption)

Episode release date August 26, 2017

Directed By Don Cuaresma

Starring Nyoy Volante, Nikki Valdez, Andi Eigenmann, Jess Mendoza


A young woman fights for her rights as a blood-related mother in bringing her child back after regretting her decision in sending him to adoption.

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars (9/10)


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