And it’s none other than Container Turf located in BF Homes, Paranaque. Another culinary haven has conquered the South and I am glad to have discovered it through a food enthusiast friend. Reading about the food park online has urged me to discover more about it, resulting to consider it as a venue to celebrate my other friend’s birthday. We ended celebrating her birthday together with the rest of our friends at Container Turf and there is so much to like about this huge food fair, one of which includes its interior that resembles an amusement park with a line of food stands.

Every stand has a unique set of offerings that is rarely found in other restaurants and food parks. The looks of the offered dishes are persuasive enough to convince the buyers in trying the actual food and I am personally satisfied with the food I bought from La Fromagerie, which is Three-Grilled Cheese (Raclette, Mozarella and Cheddar). I equally tasted and adored Potato Raclette, the food ordered by my best friend (who was also there at the birthday celebration) from the same stand.

Three Grilled Cheese from La Fromagerie
Potato Raclette from Le Fromagerie

Another aspect to like about Container Turf is the fact that it has enough spaces for dining and buying food despite being overcrowded at night. It is indeed better to go to the food park to have seats as soon as it opens, which is at 4 pm.

Container Turf at night. It looks just as beautiful as it is during the day.

However, I admit that the food park still has areas to improve. It would have been better if each customer is given a buzzer alarm after he or she makes an order so that he or she will be aware whether food and drink are ready, otherwise there is a chance that another person will claim his or her order unintentionally. Another area of improvement is the service speed which needs to be faster, for there is so much crowd and therefore, food buyers.

I enjoyed my stay so much that I feel like going back, try more specialties such as Butterfly Squid (Above Sea Level), Crazy Tempura (Tokyo Tempura), desserts from Melt (especially the Red Velvet), Chocnut Milkshake (Swig & Guzzle), Tsoko Loko’s delicacies, Bubble Wraps, Truffle Fries (Surfries) and Butterscotch drink (Nitro 7), dine at the rooftop and watch famous gigs. Despite the areas to improve in Container Turf, I would still recommend it most particularly to food enthusiasts, my family and friends.

N.B Container Turf is located at 238 and 240 BF Aguirre Avenue, Paranaque. It opens from 4:00 pm to 12:00 am. Entrance is free.

For more information, please visit their official Facebook and Instagram.

Further reading

“36 stalls, 1 Hungry Tummy: Your Guide to Container Turf (BF’s Newest Food Park!),” When In Manila


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