Explore the globally known French cheese in town named Boursin

There is so much to know about this particular cheese brand and so far, it is the best I have ever come across with when I still lived in France. It is rare to find flavored cheese spread there and although there is not much variety of flavors of locally-made Boursin compared to Boursin in the USA, I, as a flavor lover, still appreciate the fact that France has managed to come up with cheeses that include herbs, spice and other ingredients providing additional taste. I personally prefer this Normandy cheese spread compared to other French cheese brands such as the Laughing Cow and Babybel. There are several ways to use Boursin other than as a cheese spread, including the fact that it can be used for appetizers, salads and as an ingredient for recipes (e.g. burgers and mac n’cheese).

My personal recommendation would be to start tasting its signature flavor Garlic & Herbs (Ail & Herbes in French) before the others. However, one is still free to begin with another flavor.

Boursin cheese brought by a family friend. Would like to taste flavors other than these two.

N.B. Inspired by a long tradition of guests to mix seasoned cheese with herbs, the cheese maker Francois Boursin gave birth to Boursin cheese in 1957 in Normandy. With Garlic & Herbs as the brand’s first known variety, it is the first known flavored cheese sold in France.  Boursin has now expanded in over 35 countries across five continents.

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