Come and join the Bibimfun at your nearest BonChon branch!

…along with Chapchae, Bulgogi Noodle Soup and Chicken Fries!

Bibimbowl meals may no longer be new to many Filipinos but as an amateur of Philippine-based restaurants (since I did not grow up in the country), the last long weekend of June was my first time to step foot into BonChon, with Fiery Spice Seafood Bibimbowl, Chapchae and Bulgogi Noodle Soup as my first set of meal. This eventually drew me to be one of the BonChon’s loyal customers and to explore each of their given specialties. The super spiciness of Fiery Spice Bibimbowl was already close to the authentic spiciness level in Korea and the Bulgogi soup and Chapchae were saucy and delicious. I equally loved Chicken Fries, the side dish my mom ordered (I went to BonChon with my parents at that time). Although they were only tasty at the outside, I was glad with the fact that BonChon still managed to come up with flavored sauces that gave additional taste to the chicken meat (That time my mom ordered Chicken fries with Miso Sesame Ranch dip as condiment. It tasted really great!).

Fiery Spicy Seafood Bibimbowl (before mixing)
Fiery Spicy Seafood Bibimbowl (after mixing)
Bulgogi Noodle Soup
Chicken fries with Miso Sesame Ranch dip

Other dishes I adored in Bonchon were Kimchi Coleslaw and Jjampong, otherwise known as the spicy seafood soup with egg noodles. Taco flavored Bibimbowl was equally great, yet it tasted more like a Mexican dish than a Korean one.

Taco Seafood Bibimbowl (before mixing)
Taco Seafood Bibimbowl (after mixing)
Kimchi coleslaw (left) and Chapchae (right)

Looking forward to see what Bonchon Chicken Philippines has to offer! I would love to taste these existing dishes I have not yet explored, which are Bibimfries, Gangnam Bao, Classic Ko-dog with Miso Sesame, Krazy Ko-dog, Korean Beef Stew, Chicken Sandwich and Fish and Chips.

DISCLAIMER: I am actually referring to BonChon Chicken Philippines in this entry. For BonChon restaurants in other countries, feel free to check this website.

BonChon is a South Korean chicken restaurant founded by Jinduk Seh in Busan in 2002. It opened its first overseas store in New Jersey in 2006 and arrived in South East Asia in  2010 (it opened its first South East Asian branch in Thailand). At the same year, BonChon established its branch in the Philippines through Scott Tan. Now globally known, the Korean restaurant has been receiving multiple good reviews from the press.

For more information about BonChon Chicken Philippines


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