Hot Star Large Fried Chicken: Definitely a #1 chicken shop

I am grateful to have discovered this restaurant for the first time through a friend. We, along with our other friends, were looking for a place to chill after our church service and as suggested by this first mentioned friend, we all then decided to head to Hot Star, which was just a few kilometers away from our church service. Two among us had already eaten there and claimed that the served food was good. My other friend (also one of my best friends) and I still had never gone there and due to curiosity, we decided to agree with the popular suggested choice.

And it turned out they were right! It turned out to be the right place to chill and eat! Each of us ordered a signature 12-inch flavored chicken (except for my best friend who only ordered ice cream), and mine tasted so much like heaven that I would choose Hot Star over any chicken-based restaurants like KFC and I felt like going back there a couple of times. Mine was Salt & Pepper, while my friends’ were Red Hot Chili Pepper and Barbeque flavored. I also appreciated the ice cream (known as soft serve in Hot Star) that I ordered, the flavor of which was a combination of white almond and black gulaman (gelatin, in English). I also loved how the combi flavored soft serve had the same price as a single flavored one as it provided me an option to buy the ice cream with two flavors I both wanted to taste.

There are five flavors one can order for his or her own chicken: salt and pepper, barbeque sauce, sweet and sour, red hot and chili peppers. One can have one and more flavors in a 12-inch chicken, while in junior size chicken, there can only be one.

And meanwhile, here are some of the Hot Star specialties.

Salt and Pepper Signature Large Chicken
Red Hot and Chili Pepper Signature Large Chicken (ordered by a friend). Ordered this when I went back to Hot Star with other friends
Combi (White Almond & Black Gulaman) Soft Serve

I would recommend Hot Star to every food lover I come across with, especially to chicken lovers. In fact, I would recommend this restaurant to family, friends and to the masses.

N.B. Founded in 1992, Hot Star first started as a little kiosk in Taiwan’s Shilin Market. It became the largest fried chicken shop nationwide and established branches in Australia, Shanghai and six Southeast Asian countries including the Philippines. It opened its doors in the Philippines in 2014 and now has eight local branches.

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