Sigsaga Ultimate Yakiniku Buffet: Worth the authenticity despite its low budget

It is rare to spot a buffet restaurant that is relatively cheap and it is even more rare to spot such cheap buffet with heavenly food choices that a Japanese and Korean food lover would expect in a typical Japanese and Korean restaurant. Not forgetting to mention that the restaurant is worth the culinary experience, all due to appetizing Korean and Japanese specialties at an affordable cost. I cannot help but thank my friends for an unforgettable culinary discovery and I am way looking forward to go back to this buffet restaurant when time allows me to.

Korean Vegetable Salad
Kimchi, Chapchae and Baby Potatoes with Vegetable Pancakes
Kimchi, Chapchae and Baby Potatoes with Beef Bulgogi and Hot Spicy Korean Chicken
Pandan Jelly for dessert
Apple flavored iced tea

Another aspect to appreciate in Sigsaga is its interior. There is enough space for customers to get food as much as there is enough for those who are sitting down, which add more comfort to move around, enjoy meals and chat with friends. Customers are also free to stay longer to spend time with friends even though it is already beyond the buffet time, yet they can only order food within a given buffet time, which is from 12 to 2 pm for lunch.

The restaurant’s interior

If there is anything that this restaurant needs to improve on, it would rather lie in the waiter’s guidance in grilling the Yakiniku, which not all customers know how to. This already can affect the taste of the Yakiniku, the buffet restaurant’s most specialized dish, I believe, as ours was not that tender and tasty. My friends and I were not told to marinate the meat first, yet it is known as the most crucial step prior to grilling. We were not told to cook the Yakiniku for a short period of time. Thus, the reason why our meat was overcooked.

Grilled Yakiniku

Another area of improvement lies in the need of more varied dishes, which can increase the number of returning customers as it can already increase their curiosity in tasting more dishes in addition to the delicious food they have already tasted.

Despite these areas of improvement, I am still satisfied of the authenticity, the delicious dishes and the rest of the culinary experience that this streetwise buffet restaurant provides. Definitely recommended for Korean food lovers (I would personally bring both of my Filipino and foreign friends to this buffet).

 N.B. Sigsaga Ultimate Yakiniku Buffet is located in BF Resort, Las Pinas, the main branch of which is on Lalaine Bennett St. Another branch is located on BF Resort Drive.

For more information about Sigsaga Ultimate Yakiniku Buffet


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