Red Spice: a restaurant that adds value to the authenticity of Chinese cuisine

Red Spice just made me appreciate Chinese food to the highest level. I love the offered food choices, the presentation and the taste of food, and the restaurant provides a luxurious ambiance that gives comfort to accommodated guests like myself. However, it would be better if the price is reasonable enough for the meal’s serving size. It would then be better if the price is either lower than the actual or the serving is huge enough for the set price.

It is so far my most preferred Chinese restaurant in which I have ever set foot. As much as I would personally love to go back to Okada, I would equally consider this restaurant worth returning to.

The interior of the restaurant

And meanwhile, the pictures of some meals and beverages.

Apple Berry (left) and Almond Tapioca (right) iced teas
Yang Chow (fried rice bowl with pork and egg)
Steamed Fish
Tofu with beans
Chop Suey
Stir fried seafood noodles

For more information about Red Spice

Okada Manila Official Website

Red Spice Okada Manila

Red Spice Okada Manila Zomato


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