Explore the wonders of the land of the rising sun named Japan

I am finally glad to have visited the country I have long yearned to visit. It took me by chance to tour in Japan as my main purpose was to solely receive my certificate in SENIA (c.f. SENIA Advocacy Awards 2017: “One day I want to honestly say I made it.”) and I appreciated every attraction there was to see in this wonderful paradise. I equally felt accomplished that I finally went to Akihabara and Harujuku – the dream places of every anime, manga, cosplay and Japanese fashion fanatic. I was satisfied to have gone to areas I have always wanted to go to, to have discovered places I never thought I would appreciate, to have bought items I have always wanted to buy and last but not the least, to have spent time with friends who were also in Japan with the same purpose as mine (which was to attend SENIA conference in Yokohama along with the other members of the network).

Below is the itinerary of my five day travel in Japan. Time is never wasted no matter how long I have stayed in each of them.


Arrival at Narita Airport
First authentic Japanese meal with green tea
Shibuya crossing – where lines and people intersect without bumping each other
Hachiko statue near Shibuya station. The dog that teaches the value of loyalty and faithfulness
Set of kimonos found in Kimono Kawaii Company, a kimono rental shop in Shibuya.
Kimono photoshoot (studio)
Kimono photoshoot (outside)
Spicy Black Sesame Ramen for Dinner
Shibuya at night

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