SENIA Advocacy Awards 2017: “One day I want to honestly say I made it.”

I would like to thank the SENIA committee for making this event possible. It was truly an honor to be recognized as one of the nominees and to receive a certificate on hand in front of special education professionals, advocates and interventionists. I would like to thank my childhood teachers turned lifetime mentors for helping me who I am now, as well as my family and friends for their overwhelming love, care, patience, understanding and support. I would equally like to thank God for making me whom I am called to be. There is indeed a purpose why I was brought to be differently-abled (being diagnosed with ASD or rather HFA as a child and formerly having problems with reading comprehension, writing, social and life skills), for this has allowed me to be a healing hand to individuals sharing the same struggles. My personal challenges have turned me into a stronger person that I hardly expect to become, and as much I can stand up for my own capabilities despite my learning and social needs, I am also able to provide the same amount of love, understanding and support that I received from my mentors and loved ones to individuals with exceptional needs.

I may not have reached my final destination yet, but I still have hopes in reaching the stars by improving my existing talents, learning new things, boosting my self-worth and sense of accomplishment, doing what I love and continuously being a friend and a mentor. “Life’s as good as you make it and today we make it good.

Receiving my certificate as a SENIA Advocate nominee on February 11, 2016 in Yokohama International School, Japan
With fellow nominee, honorary award recipients and winner

For more information about SENIA, please visit their official website as well as its Manila chapter’s (SENIA Manila). Originally founded by a group of international school teachers in China in 2002, SENIA (Special Education Network In Asia) is a group of professionals and interventionists that aims to raise awareness, support and advocate for individuals with special education needs. The network has expanded across all Asia.


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