Milan: Definitely one of the classics

One can never tired of watching this timeless drama a countless times.  There is a lot of greatness in this film more than the audience can enumerate and this firstly includes its simple yet fully developed story line. With Jenny and Lino’s grown romance as its main plot, the film maker equally manages to establish a meaningful side plot where the harsh realities faced by each overseas Filipino worker (OFW) are emphasized (e.g. being away from their hometown and their families, working hard to earn for the future, false expectations on working abroad, unexpected love affairs, ending in jobs considered as low-class despite being a college graduate and being culture-shocked) through experiences of Jenny’s housemates and real-life OFWs’ interview footages. The latter also indicates foreshadowing, wherein Jenny and Lino ends sharing their lives both as OFWs and as a couple in the form of an interview.

The emotional and teary eyed scenes brings the movie into life. The film is touching thanks to the natural and outstanding acting, and it is neither dry nor dragging, which makes the audience tuned from beginning to end. The audience can relate to the known drama especially when he or she is working overseas and lives far away from his or her hometown. Moreover, seeing the escapades of Milan and other cities of Italy creates a dreamy ambiance that urges the audience, most particularly a traveler, to tour around the mentioned places.

The life lessons equally make the movie nourishing in a way that the audience learns about the value of hard work, patience, determination, perseverance, sacrifice, sense of belonging, family relationships and dealing with cultural differences. The love story between Lino and Jenny, which is the main focus of the plot, is developed realistically compared to typical love stories and does not involve any cliches as it takes a while for the two lovers to fall for one another. Not forgetting to mention that Jenny’s remarkable line (see photo) can be referred as one of the hugot lines known by the new generation. It can therefore be appreciated by the younger viewers as much as it will remain in the heart of the older audience.

Translation: “Do you love me because you need me? Or do you need me because you love me?”

Country Philippines

Release Date February 11, 2004

Directed By Olivia Lamasan

Starring Claudine Barretto, Piolo Pascual, Iza Calzado, Ryan Eigenmann, Lotlot de Leon

Genre Drama, Romance

Length 135 min long


Lino moves to Italy in search of his wife Mary Grace, whom he has not been in contact with for years. He then encounters Jenny who eventually becomes his housemate and the latter agrees to help Lino find his long lost love.

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars (9/10)


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Glossary of terms used in the entry (for non Filipino readers and friends)

hugot: a word that literally means to draw or pull out. In popular culture, it is often referred to words, quotes, song lyrics, and verses that imply deep emotions (


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