Explore the wonders of Japanese and Korean culinary culture in Sambokojin

It is definitely the best buffet restaurant I have been in my lifetime. I would prefer Japanese buffet the most as it is usually light in the belly and does not make us full no matter the quantity of food we eat. Furthermore, the food choices are as delicious as they look. The following are the specialties I devoured while in Sambokojin.

Sushi and sashimi
Mozzarella Gyoza and Seafood Okonomiyaki
Kojuchang Spicy Soup
Tuna Karaage, Salmon Karaage and Japchae
Grilled Meat

On the other hand, it would have been better if the cakes are moist and tasty enough to be savored. Frozen yogurt and ice cream are the only desserts that are worth-discovering.

Triple Dessert – Plain Frozen Yogurt, Black Sesame, and Green Tea Ice Cream

For more information about Sambokojin, please visit their official website, and Facebook pages. I would definitely recommend the restaurant for family and friends who are on the go for anything Japanese and Korean.

Not forgetting to mention that the calling of customers is quick enough to reduce the waiting line swiftly, thus another advantage. 🙂


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