Come and join the fun at the natural playground called The Fun Farm!

I felt being one of the luckiest to go to this breathtaking nature as part of the school field trip. I was glad to have taken every opportunity in trying once-in-a-lifetime outdoor activities such as obstacle courses and tent house climbing and in having my photo taken with the horse. However, the weather was rainy back then. It still did not stop me and my companions from enjoying the ride to the point that I would consider every activity as my once-in-a-lifetime workout.

Me doing different activities – obstacle courses, tent house climbing, and picture taking with the horse

Other offered activities include boat rides, animal rides, zip line, feeding the animals, fishing and truck riding. For more information about this recreational area, please visit its official website and its Facebook page.

Definitely recommended for children, kids-at-heart, and families.

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The Fun Farm Sta. Elena Golf and Country Estate Cabuyao SLEX by


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