Rakrakan Festival ’17 OPM Against Drugs: The musical journey continues

I admit that it was still worth the hype and excitement despite my preference towards my first Rakrakan experience in 2014. My second would have been a blast if the stages were not next to one another and the audience would not hear overlapping performances. The fact that there were too many bands playing personally confused me in choosing which bands would be in my priority watch list and it was even more difficult if the bands I would like to watch are playing at the same time such as Slapshock and Valley of Chrome. The cleanliness, the humidity, the fact that the venue was too small for five stages and bazaar booths to fit, and the lack of soft grounds for our sore feet to chill eventually tired my concert friends and I to the point that we felt like going home before the concert ended. However, I am glad that the venue was more accessible than Global Circuit Grounds (the festival’s past venue), which was the reason of our decision to go.

Another reason was the interesting band line ups. I found this year’s more interesting than 2014’s, yet it was such a pity that I did not get to watch all of them. While I am doing my best to overcome my disappointment and move forward, I would like to feature the bands that I have watched and enjoyed. We spent most of our time in Mosh and Slam stages.


Definitely my most awaited band in Rakrakan. I discovered them back when I heard their single ‘Margarita’ which I fell in love with, and since then, I became part of the band’s fandom. I also adored their cover of Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name.” It suited them well.

Video: Killing in the Name cover


Totally a newly discovered band. Would love to hear more from them.


Till we meet again Days of January and Razorback. The last time I watched them was in Rakrakan 2014, but I’m glad that I finally got to watch them again (though I would prefer to watch other bands I haven’t fully discovered).


“Artista sa umaga, rakista sa gabi.” That’s how us OPM rock and metal enthusiasts would refer to Mona este Arci Muñoz (as popularly known in showbiz), the vocalist in Philia. I would love to meet her in person as much as I have already met her co-metal queens Kat Taylor and Trish Reyes. Philia is indeed better live and as for Saydie and Even, well they are just as amazing and dazzling.


Like Talata, they are also my most awaited band to tune into. I’m glad to finally see them live since it’s now rare seeing them perform in gigs and although they do not sound gothic in contrast with their gothic rock genre and the gothic ambiance of their music videos, I still find them spectacular.


Killing two birds in one stone is hard. But watching two awaited bands who are playing at the exact same time is harder. This made me having to go back and forth to be able to see these two bands and even though the stages where they played were next to one another, I could not help but feel exhausted. Not forgetting to mention that I did not get to watch any of them properly. Good thing I already watched them in other gigs.


Glad to finally watch another awaited band. They are amazing live and if it weren’t for the sore feet we already were experiencing, we would have enjoyed a lot more.

The list may look like I have watched a lot. If I had the guts to roam around the venue and stay until the concert ended (if only we were not that tired), I would have discovered more. I would have loved to watch Run by Nine, SUD, Rouge, Galaw Tao, Jurassic Pards, Banda ni Kleggy, and False Apart. Yet my hopes do not end there as I am still eager to come across them in upcoming small gigs.

Arriving at the venue..

I equally enjoyed watching the skate exhibition which was far more spectacular. The skaters had undeniably amazing skills.

Video: Live Skate, Rakrakan 2017

And I enjoyed roaming around bazaar booths. Such a pity that I did not buy the event t-shirt.

With Red Slim, one of the known underground graphic and T-shirt designers in the Philippines (Facebook page: Red Slim 08)

Rakrakan Festival is organized by Rakista Radio for all Filipino music enthusiasts to discover and rediscover what OPM (Original Pilipino Music, ie. Filipino music) has to offer aside from what is currently shown on the mainstream. Either held in December of the previous year or January of the following year, the named music festival features multiple bands in different stages, bazaars, and extreme sports (like skate) exhibitions. This year’s is more of an against drug campaign, thus the tagline “OPM Against Drugs”.

For more information about the organizer and the event, check their official websites, Facebook, and Twitter pages at: 

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