Gringo Chicken, Ribs & Friends: A one-of-a-kind Mexican, Tex Mex restaurant

Its Chicken Nachos are what makes the restaurant stand out. It is rare to find such appetizer in the world full of Ground Beef Nachos and I cannot simply get enough of shredded chicken ones topped with melted cheese, lemon and spicy dressing. Moreover, I appreciate the fact that the nachos are equally used as staple food for Gringo’s Original Chicken. One can add a bowl of Mexican rice as another staple food, which I love as well.

Chicken Nachos drizzled with melted cheese
Authentic Mexican Rice (a la tex mex)
Salad with sweet dressing
Original Gringo Chicken Hot n Spicy

It is indeed an authentic Mexican restaurant that introduces typically Mexican dishes that are rarely found in similar types of restaurants. I am definitely looking forward to go back and taste more of its specialties such as truffle quesadillas and mango sticky rice. What is more to appreciate about this restaurant? It is a chill place – even though it is small for tall people!

For more information

Gringo Chicken, Ribs & Friends Facebook page

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