MMFF 2016: A Hope for the Better Change

The Metro Manila Film Festival is an annual event held in Metro Manila from Christmas Day (December 25) to the first weekend of January. Filipino films are the main focus of the festival and the event would mostly feature blockbuster hits. However, tables have turned for the festival in 2016, wherein the featured movies are mostly indie. I am completely glad that these small budget works of art are given a chance to be seen and talked about by the masses, and I believe that these masterpieces deserve being known nationwide for their incredible cinematic technique, artistic quality, outstanding and natural acting, and most especially (what I personally most care about) their “out-of-this-world” (well, in a good way), and uniquely designed and developed story line with unexpected twists and thrills and unintentional given lessons to the audience.

As much as I would like to devor the movies in the MMFF 2016, I only managed to watch the three of them. I appreciated them all and I’m hoping that avant-garde films will be given another chance to be shown in the same festival in the years to come. If they can make it internationally, they deserve the same recognition nationwide.

For more information

Metro Manila Film Festival Official Website

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