Saving Sally: A Plot to the Sweet Escape

Geeks are most likely to relate to this bittersweet romantic tale, as it involves a love story between a robot inventor and a comic book artist, and has an animated scenery. Non geeks can also be as tuned due to entertaining chills and the emotional roller coaster of laughter, tears and sense of adventure that the film brings them to. Although the animation parts may seem unnecessary (in my opinion, it is since the movie can have a similar story line without animation involved), they still deserve a high recognition for the beautiful art and as a product of the film maker’s concept of creating a scenery based on Marty’s view on the world (e.g. humans other than Sally, himself and his parents, as monsters). The plot has twists that turns this typical geeky love story into an outstanding modern romantic comic tale, yet at the same time, is realistic since it takes Marty and Sally a while to confess their developed feelings for one another. It is not a cliched and oversimplified movie about two best friends falling for each other quickly or a common girl falling for a popular jock who ends up loving her back.

It is more seen as a teen flick as the main characters are still in their teens and the story is set in their high school years. It never fails to tackle every aspect of a teen’s life including friendships, romantic relationships, relationships with parents, surviving school, peer and societal pressure, being overprotected, planning for the future, growing up, discovering one’s identity and exploring new things. It portrays all of these aspects just as how they are seen in real life and provides lessons to teenage audiences who are at the same time entertained by the story. Adults are given a chance to look back on their teenage years and can release their inner teens while viewing the film, and parents can also pick lessons provided by the film which they can teach to their children. However, the film may be too complex for children under 13. Still, it will not stop them from being entertained and admiring the beauty of animation, and they will eventually find themselves watching, understanding and appreciating the movie better as they grow.

The acting is so natural that it does not look like it comes from a script. Rhian Ramos plays her role way easily being a teenager when the movie was taped, while Enzo Ramos seems to portray himself as a real nerd, who has difficulties expressing his feelings for a girl he likes. TJ Trinidad, the actor who plays Nick, plays his role well as a 28 year old, who is in fact not as matured as 17 year old Sally previously thought. The parents are also good in being the parents of their high school aged children.

Last but not the least, the life of a comic book artist is realistically portrayed. Nothing comes easy in being a comic book author as pleasing the publishers is a requirement to succeed, despite the tremendous day and night efforts the author has poured to fully craft his or her work well enough to be appreciated by the publisher. I also love the idea of Sally creating a secret project, which in fact is a house that contains gadgets and machines she cannot live without and that is her known refuge after she escapes from her parents’ tyranny. That alone is already an original concept of plotting an escape from an overprotective home, surpassing the cliche teen feels produced by most mass produced teen flicks.


Country Philippines

Release Date December 25, 2016

Directed By Avid Liongoren

Starring Rhian Ramos, Enzo Marcos, TJ Trinidad

Genre Animation, Fantasy, Romance

Length 110 min long


Marty, a comic book artist, has long time feelings for his robot inventor best friend named Sally. Challenges come his way in confessing his true feelings for her that does not just include his shyness and lack of guts, but also the fact that Sally’s parents are overprotective and Sally has a boyfriend.

Overall Rating 5/5 stars (10/10)


Saving Sally IMDb

Saving Sally Wikipedia

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