Die Beautiful, Live Beautiful: “To die will be an awfully great adventure.”

This famous Peter Pan quote describes the film in a way it portrays the late Trisha Echeverria like a legend. The movie starts with his sudden death after she wins the pageant, followed by a series of biographical flashbacks highlighting his promise to be dressed in different female celebrities at his death and to be known for what he wants to be remembered as to continue the legend he carries. The adventurous part of the film also lies in entertainment and emotional roller coaster of laughter and tears that brings the audience to travel along with Trisha’s adventures. There is never a time a scene ever becomes drugging throughout the movie.

The story line is simple yet created with a well organized and comprehensible series of flashbacks. They are easily understood even though they are not arranged chronologically. The film never fails to highlight themes of love, friendship, acceptance, alienation, sense of belonging and following your own path and gives further hope to us audiences that we can always follow the path we want to follow and be successful in what we do despite the struggles, and that there will be people who will support us in our endeavors, love and accept us for who we are even though there are others who will bring us down. It also encourages the LGBT community members to stand up for themselves no matter how certain people can bring them down and discriminate them for being “different.” While the film can be a source of inspiration for them to voice themselves, it can be equally an eye opener to us that LGBTs are also humans who have a lot to contribute to themselves, to their loved ones and to the society. It provides us a message that they do not deserve to be treated badly just because they are labeled “different”.

Last but not the least, the acting is all natural as though the film is brought into reality. Paolo Ballesteros, the actor who plays Trisha, and Christian Bables, the actor who plays Barbs, respectively deserve their awards as Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.


Country Philippines

Release Date December 25, 2016

Directed By Jun Robles Lana

Starring Paolo Ballesteros, Christian Bables, Joel Torre, Gladys Reyes, Luis Alandy, Albie Casiño, IC Mendoza

Genre Comedy, Drama

Length 2 hours long


The story is about a biography of a glamorous veteran gay beauty queen who dies immediately after winning the pageant.

Overall Rating 5/5 stars (10/10)


Die Beautiful IMDb

Die Beautiful Wikipedia

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