Top Food Picks

I am not meant to write much about food posts while doing my very best to cut on some. However, I cannot help having it cross my mind knowing I was born a foodie and neither can I help looking back at the food that marked my entire life on the following list.

1) Bingsu (Kiwa Korean Restaurant, Solaire Manila, Philippines)

Mango and Chocolate Bingsu

My love for desserts pushed me to order for Bingsu no matter how large the servings were for me and my family. I personally prefer them than the ones served in Ice Box, Molito Alabang, as the Kiwa Bingsu’s finely crushed ice and drizzled milk gives the smooth texture to the dessert. Additionally, the vanilla ice cream on top provides more creaminess once it is mixed with the rest of the contents.

Further link: Kiwa Korean Restaurant Official Website

2) Rose flavored Macarons (Laduree, Paris, France)

Image result for rose flavored macarons laduree
Petale de rose macaron (ie. Rose petal macaron)

Not generally a big fan of macarons except for the rose flavored one in Laduree, Paris, France. What makes Laduree macarons special is the fact that the taste stays in the consumer’s mouth for long even though the macaron is already chewed and swallowed. It is even more heavenly experiencing that with the rose flavored macaron. Looking forward to purchase more of it when I go back to Paris. No outside Laduree macaron and no Laduree macaron from other branches can ever beat that.

Further Link: Laduree Official Website

3) Chocolate Ravioli with Dark Chocolate filling (France)

Image result for chocolate ravioli with chocolate filling
Chocolate Ravioli

The picture looks exactly like the ravioli I ate in a French restaurant as a teen. However, I cannot remember the name of the restaurant. Curiosity brought me to order Chocolate Ravioli for dessert and it tasted so heavenly that it was hard for me to forget it. This inspired me to create a similar dessert at home. I just need a ravioli maker.

4) Tokyo Banana Original (Tokyo, Japan)

Tokyo Banana Original

Who can get enough of a banana shaped chiffon cake with banana creme filling? I am one of those who would say that I cannot. It is not only delicious but the fact that no country can ever produce the same type of snack also makes it more unique and originally Japanese. I am way planning to buy more of them once I head to Japan.

Further Link: Tokyo Banana Official Website

5) Banana Mochi White Chocolate Daifuku (Tokyo, Japan)

Banana Mochi White Chocolate Daifuku (Banana Mochi with White Chocolate Filling)

The strong banana flavor is what made this snack as one of my top personal picks. Like Tokyo Banana, it is worth a purchase.

6) Strawberry Flavor Kitkat (Japan)

It took Sakura Green Tea flavor’s place while doing some free-tasting of Japanese flavored Kitkats that came along my way. The strong Strawberry flavor brought me to my addiction to these chocolate wafer bars and I’m way looking forward to taste more Kitkat varieties when I go to Japan. Not just this one.

Further Link: Nestle Kitkat Japan

7) Caffe Ti-Amo Four Cheese Gelato (Greenbelt Makati, Philippines)

Four cheese gelato

Cheese is my second ice cream flavor next to cookies n cream and curiosity brought me to taste a rare four cheese gelato found in Caffe Ti-amo in Greenbelt. It turned out to be so heavenly.

Further Link: Caffe Ti-Amo Facebook page

8) Banana Crumble McFlurry (McDonald’s Philippines)

Banana Crumble McFlurry

Unfortunately, it is only featured at the promotion of the blockbuster hit in 2015 called Minions but I can somehow say it’s one of the most unforgettable snacks I ever tasted. The banana flavor is so strong that it highly contributes to the great taste of the McFlurry.

9) Red Velvet Frozen Yogurt (BLK 513, S-Maison Conrad Hotel, Pasay, Philippines)

Red velvet drizzled frozen yogurt

Seeing the social media hype of my friends tasting this particular activated charcoal yogurt brought me to do the same. I was lucky to have a chance to taste it during Christmas break and it turned out to be better than the frozen yogurts I ever tasted in my life. It is not only delicious but healthy as well since it is gluten free and is filled with fruits and healthy crunches such as vegan brownies. I might also try the one with matcha syrup. After all it is the most picked flavor.

Further Link: BLK 513 Facebook page

10) Nestle Temptation’s French Salted Caramel Ice Cream (Philippines)

Salted Caramel is one of my favorite ice cream flavors and tasting this particular brand made me love salted caramel ice cream even more. It is indeed delicious while at the same time, is smooth on the tongue. It became my favorite local ice cream surpassing Magnolia, which used to be my favorite before the Nestle Temptations discovery.

Further Link: Nestle Temptations Facebook page

11) Nova Jalapeño Spice Flavor Chips

Been rooting for this particular flavored chips for long. It has become my favorite ever since it invaded my mouth and there are times I would swear that I no longer feel like eating other flavored Nova chips and other branded chips. On the other hand, finding Nova Jalapeño Chips remains a needle in the haystack. I only felt lucky finding a pack in the nearest mall.

Further Link: Jack ‘n Jill Snacks

12) Almond Filled croissant (France)

Image result for almond filling croissant

However, I just cannot consider a random almond filled croissant as a food that marks my entire life. Only that almond filled croissant in that particular French local bakery is considered as my lifetime unforgettable snack and the bakery is where I tasted and loved the named delicacy for the first time.

These are so far the food that marked my whole life. However these may just happen to be all desserts and snack.

Way looking forward to writing another set of food pick lists. Enjoy the read! 🙂


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