A Day in Care, Inc: a small bond that makes a huge difference

The real adventure began as we – my life coaching and social skills friends and I – bought school supplies and self care materials for donations. We equally bought a packed food for 30 persons, and repacked the donation goods while divided in two groups. Then we headed to Care Inc., a caring center for male youth in Las Piñas City, Philippines. It is indeed endearing to be the sunshine of these young people lives and it is touching to see that the youth appreciated our gifts. Not forgetting to mention that we enjoyed the short bond over Jenga games and socializing.

This particular outreach activity is also where we applied our skills in money management and decision making that we learned in class. Kudos to the coaches for such a life-learning and charitable experience and I am way looking forward to more activities such as these.

With current friends (Life Coaching and Social Skills co-mentees) and newly-found friends (Care Inc children and teens)

For more photos of the event, kindly check Candent Learning Haus’s Outreach Activity 2016 at Care Center, Las Piñas album and Instagram

Further reading

#CLHPamilyaParaSaBata2016: Care, Love, Help and MORE FUN


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