Outre: Not your ordinary smooth and fine gelato

What makes it extraordinary is the fact that its gelatos are made with liquid nitrogen. Turned into gas, the known substance is incorporated in the gelato mixture that makes the specialty smooth and cold. It then ends being shaped according to the flavors ordered by the customer and in the best selling Milo Dinosaur gelato (otherwise known as Milo flavored ice cream), an injection of chocolate syrup is provided to give the customer the option to drizzle the liquid mixture onto the ice cream like a fountain. Other gelato flavors have flat tops which are equally enticing.

Displaying IMG_0088.JPG
Best-selling Milo Dinosaur gelato with chocolate injection
Displaying IMG_0089.JPG
Chocolate drizzled on Milo Dinosaur Gelato
Displaying IMG_0090.JPG
Cookies n’ Cream Gelato

Meanwhile, it would have been better if Outre offers more gelato choices as it currently offers six. Availability of existing flavors could have been better with more stock of ingredients as I honestly would have liked to have a cinnamon flavored one and there are only few suggested flavors. But because it serves liquid nitrogen gelatos that are rarely found in other ice cream parlors, cafes, restaurants and grocery stores, Outre is still worth going back to. It may be possible for a returning customer to even bring a friend (which adds on to the number of existing customers) and to let him or her try the cold, smooth, fine and well-designed dessert.

Inspired by Australia’s culinary scene, Outre Manila offers fine comfort food specializing in house-made liquid nitrogen gelato and quality sangers. It is founded by chef Neslly Bretana in 2015, in BF Homes, Paranaque.

For more information about Outre Manila: 


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