Lights, Camera, Action: Film Workshops are indeed a wrap!

Joining the workshops brought me back to pursuing my childhood dream to work in the film industry. I was glad to be given the opportunity to learn more from the professionals through the workshops (and thanks to my mentor for inviting me knowing that film making is part of my interest), and I had been looking forward to know the basic steps of film making that included writing the screen play, creating the production design, directing, shooting the film, editing and the final showing. I was even surprised to discover that I was picked as the actress of the main character. The workshop facilitators saw my potential in acting and thought of inviting me when there would be a casting call for actresses playing the character my age. Although I admit that my acting needed improvement, I could still say that I enjoyed it well. I just needed to work more on my facial expressions, acting the script spontaneously using adlibs (meaning to say without the need of saying the exact words on the script yet still able to act it out) and pouring emotions onto my speaking voice.

Equipment used for the shoot
Contemporary Scene
Flashback Scene
Flashback Scene

Looking forward to next year’s Film Workshops (if there will be one hopefully). Kudos to the facilitators, participants and to CLH team for making the film experience more worth!

My certificate

Disclaimer. Candent Learning Haus, an educational center for individuals with special needs, offers a variety of summer programs with Film Workshops as one of them. For more information, please visit their websiteFacebook and Instagram pages.  


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