#AprilFoolsFriday: Looking back at the best of all prank(ed) memories

While everyday can be April Fools Day, there is this particular day where making jokes and pranks is most acceptable. I cannot help but reminisce the following memories and posts I made during this particular Joker’s Day.

1. Everyday can be April Fools especially with my BFF back in junior high as we would love to make, list and laugh at our random jokes. The most legit was when we stuck fishes on random people’s backs at school on April Fool’s Day. 

2. I remember choosing April Fool’s as my Day in the Market for my Finance presentation in college. It may either look like I was making some pranks or telling the truth while presenting but still I ended my presentation with “Happy Fool’s Day.”

“Day in the market!!! Can’t wait. ❤ Buckle up Bloomberg, Reuters and Yahoo Finance!! Here I come! Just because it’s Fool’s Day tomorrow doesn’t mean you can fool me around.” (posted 2010)

3. April Fool’s Day = New Valentine’s Day

“April Fool’s is now the new V-day.” (posted 2014)

4. “Today is the day I’m gonna say ‘I do’. #feelingexcited” (posted 2014)

5. “Finally going to Japan after I go back to France. What a holiday to be woooo!!!” (posted 2013)

6. “Joyeux Poisson d’Avril les gens. Que vous ayez tous un poison sur le dos.” (posted 2013)

This, I believe, is the most epic joke I made. I loved the pun I made by turning poisson (a French word of fish) into poison (pronounced pwason, which means poison) and I found it really dark, which best describes my usual humor (dark, deep, yet often misunderstood). And meanwhile, the English translation: “Happy April Fool’s Day people. May you have poison on the back. (while normally paper fishes or poissons are the ones stuck on people’s backs).”

7. “Happy April Fools!!! May you all get tripped by the slippery fishes on the road hahaha.” (posted 2016)

8. And for Filipino anime and manga lovers like me, brace yourselves because AFA is coming to Manila… [AFAPH] AFA Manila Dates Set! (posted 2016)

9. “Kung ang April Fool’s prank ng mga single ay either in a relationship, engaged, or married, eh ano naman sa actual couples, break na tayo?”  (posted 2016)

English translation: If being in a relationship, engaged, or married is part of April Fool’s prank among single people, what would be the couple’s prank, we broke up?

Looking forward to more fool-ish memories now that the day has come to an end. Feel free to share yours!



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