#CLHPamilyaParaSaBata2016: Care, Love, Help and MORE FUN

I was impressed with the warm and harmonious ambiance that Family Day Outreach sought to provide. It was an event where students and their families extended their helping hands through donations to young people from caring homes named Care Inc. and Pequeña Casa de Nazareth, and bonded with them on the event proper during activities and games (each family was given a child to host). It was my first time going to an outreach family day as I had always attended family days that are sport fest themed back in elementary school. I attended CLH’s for the first time in 2014, yet it only consisted of gatherings over bowling, billiards and karaoke sessions.

This particular event reminded me of my first camp. While I took my chance as a camper and junior facilitator to have fun and extend my hand to the youth with special needs, the Family Day Outreach gave me an opportunity to do the same to my assigned adoptee (while also fulfilling my marshall duties), bonding with him as a friend and an older sister. He further mentioned that he enjoyed the activities marking the garter race as his favorite, and that he would pray for me, the people he met and the CLH as a whole. Looking forward to events such as these and may Family Day Outreach be the start of extending love, help, care, concern and support.

With two children from caring homes

For more photos of the event, kindly check Candent Learning Haus’s Facebook  under Family Day Outreach 2016 album. 



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