“One Punch and You’re Hyped..” The One Punch Man Review ~

It is no surprise that One Punch Man has become one of the phenomenal anime in 2015. I never expect to become one of its die-hard fans but the full-loaded action, the wacky comedic scenes, the spectacular special effects and animation giving life and vibrancy to each scene, and the presence of characters with high levels of attractiveness and appeal (e.g. Amai Mask, my character crush) have all punched me into a hardcore fan with a mere single knuckle. Indeed, it may look like that the anime does not follow a particular story line. It is, however, more descriptive than narrative, stating Saitama’s challenges and achievements on the pursuit of his ultimate dream to become a professionally known hero.

The anime can be considered one-of-a-kind as it does not have any cliches. While many superhero-based anime have a hot main character paired with an attractive love interest who is more than often a target of an old and hideous villain, One Punch Man presents an ordinary looking main character (Saitama) with a powerful cyborg (Genos) as his disciple. There are neither love interests nor shippable pairings, which even makes the anime less stereotypical. These are also what I admire in this anime, as well as life lessons taught by Saitama, which are to fight for dreams no matter the risks and obstacles, and not to give up when times become rough. These are seen through his struggles in coping with the Heroes Association, wherein he is just barely known as a hero and is under classified despite his physical strength similar to Class-S (He is first placed in class C, the lowest hero ranking, then promoted to class B. Class A is the second highest, while class S tops all the rankings).

Not forgetting to mention that its opening theme is catchy and best highlights the action and superhero vibes this anime strives to deliver.

Alternative Names One Punch Man, ワンパンマン

Written By ONE (self-published as Webcomic, yet remade by Shueisha with Yusuke Murata as illustrator)

Directed By Shingo Natsume

Producer Madhouse

Original Run October 5, 2015 – December 21, 2015 (12 episodes, finished)

Genre Action, Comedy, Seinen, Super Power, Supernatural


The story is about Saitama’s life as a hero, known to defeat the enemies with a single punch. He encounters struggles as he enters the path of being one of the professional heroes in the association, while he promises not to give up and to help the other heroes defeat the monsters evading the cities.

Overall Rating 5/5 stars (10/10)


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