Discover the brilliant and colorful world behind the Brighter than the Lights MV

I have known and appreciated the band False Apart as soon as I got attracted to their “Nothing’s Left, Nothing’s Right” melody. It made me listen to the rest of their self-titled album that eventually turned me into a die-hard fan and a year later, after the release of their first MV (in other words, music video), I heard that they organized a music video launch of their second track. Filled with enthusiasm, I immediately dragged my concert-going friend as part of my belated birthday celebration with her and came along with my two other friends who also happened to be going to the concert. I felt that it was my grand opportunity to watch the band perform live and to jam along with the other featured bands as it was just a night before Halloween (which is in fact, my favorite holiday) and thus, a costume-themed concert of multiple bands held during my one week work break.

I am so far impressed by the bright atmosphere of the video, which in fact is “brighter than the lights” itself. I admire the creativity, the originality, the comedy, the colorful ambiance, the cuteness, its J-pop (Japanese pop) vibe, and the facts that I can watch it multiple times in one sitting without ever getting the hang of it and that it is related to the concept of the song as both of them are lighthearted. Meanwhile, the BTTL MV Launch is worth my Halloween and belated birthday blast. It already filled my night with energy and hype from the rocking band performances and fun times with both current and newly made friends (bands and other friends I met).

Kudos to False Apart and guest bands who played! Till the next fun!!!

False Apart playing at the event and the BTTL MV Launch
Guest bands performances featuring Mad Hatter Day, Manila Under Fire, Small Hands, Kalixta, Saydie, and Nyctinasty

To watch the Brighter than the Lights official music video click here.


Arianne – vocals, bass

Jepp – vocals, guitars

Karl – guitar, vocals

Ivan – drums

Formed in 2013, False Apart has won audiences in Manila independent music scene with the blend of their pop-punk, pop rock, alternative, anime opening and Japanese pop beats. Their self-titled album was released in November 2014.


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