Heneral Luna: An eye opener towards Antonio Luna’s times that feeds critical minds

However, I would prefer to discuss my personal appreciation of the film rather than its controversial aspects. I love how it increases the audience’s awareness on Antonio Luna as one of the important figures in Philippine History (being the General that sought to fight hard for the country and protect it against the Americans and their influence), which indeed makes it educational enough for schools to recommend the film to students. It also encourages critical thinking among different types of audience including writers, article contributors and regular people, who even consider Heneral Luna as part of their daily conversations among families, friends, colleagues and on social media. The sequence of the film, the consistent portrayal of the Philippines in late 19th century during the Filipino-American War, the vivid scenes, the descriptive and detailed narration of General Luna’s life during the war, and the close-to-reality resemblance of President Emilio Aguinaldo and General Luna in the movie to the ones recorded in History books and other sources are sure to be revered. John Arcilla did an excellent role play of his character as the General, which indeed brings more color and flavor to the Filipino historical and biopic masterpiece.

Definitely worth to be watched in movie theaters immediately and nominated as one of the Best Foreign Films in Oscars 2016. It deserves to be as known nationwide which fortunately enough has become the most recent trend, being an eye-opener to the life of one of the crucial historical figures, and has more to offer than most mainstream Filipino movies and trends such as the Aldub pair-up and the viral Pastillas Girl.

Heneral Luna film poster.jpg

Title (translated) General Luna

Country Philippines

Release Date September 9, 2015

Directed By Jerrold Tarog

Starring John Arcilla, Arron Villaflor, Joem Bascon, Archie Alemania, Epi Quizon, Mon Confiado

Genre Biography, Historical

Length 118 min long


The film entails a biopic story of General Antonio Luna, a nationalist warrior who seeks to fight for the country’s freedom during the Filipino-American War (1898-1899). He ends up persecuting the countrymen he perceives as traitors of the nation, and his legendary temper and pride lead the presidential guards to assassinate him.

Overall Rating 4.95/5 stars (9.9/10)


Heneral Luna The Movie Official Pages

Heneral Luna’s entry to Oscars 2016

Further reading

“What we (still) don’t know about Antonio Luna,” Inquirer


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