Color-coded performance: Let’s break the night with colors in Aliwan Fiesta 2015

And YES! It has been an excellent festival after all. It has already satisfied first time attendees in opening their eyes towards various colorful and cultural tribal fests through street dance parades, beauty pageants and floats, and its featured eye-catching bazaars from different Philippine regions, while it has managed to pursue captivating the repeating attendees’ eye in making them relive the glorious days that every Filipino region culture has to bring each year (the street dance parades are in fact contests of the tribal dance champions from different regions). What made the festival more worth is its free entrance, thus the easy access where the attendees only need to spend their money on transport and shopped products in bazaars. A series of unbearable external circumstances – lack of seats, terrible seat location that did not allow us (me and a friend whom I went to the festival to) to take good photos, being unable to finish the show as it was late and difficulty in looking for transport on our way home to name a few – may have come our way but those did not impede us in enjoying what the festival had to offer.

The following are the pictures taken (some came from the Aliwan Fest official website) during the colorful fest.

Here at the Aliwan Festival entrance (#warmwelcome)
Chocolate Piaya rarely found. Finally tasted it!!
Empanada de Vigan filled with egg, sausage, and lettuce. Best paired with vinegar.
Street dance winners 2015: Catbalogan City’s Manaragat Festival
Winning float goes to Pinabacdao, Samar
Reyna ng Aliwan 2015 Winners (c.f. “Reyna ng Aliwan,” Aliwan Fiesta 2015)
With a child Sinulog performer
At the Rockszta Dolls, a store based in Bulacan. This is where voodoo dolls and other reggae-based accessories are sold (#myfavorite).
..and a white “ship” before we depart!
featuring the cute fluffy dog while scouting for bazaars! 🙂

Founded in 2003, Aliwan Fiesta is an annual event featuring various Philippine cultural festivals that include street dance parades, floats and beauty pageant competitions as to showcase the richness of each Philippine regional culture both among Filipinos and foreigners. 

For more information about the event

Aliwan Fiesta official website

Aliwan Fiesta Facebook page


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