City of Dreams Manila: Where Filipino Dreams are Made Of

It is not as extraordinary as its original counterpart found in Macau. It is, however, satisfying enough for both amateur and first-time international Filipino travelers, given the high-class prestige it provides to every upper-mid class passerby with its luxurious retail selling, gaming and entertainment facilities and world class dining restaurants as well as convenience, making Filipinos feel that they have been to City of Dreams even though they have never set foot in the actual branch in Macau. It incorporates three hotels named Crown Towers, Nobu Hotel and Hyatt City of Dreams, the latter of which is where the Cafe is located and where my family and I dined once at our first visit of the venue.

Hyatt City of Dreams and its interiors

The Cafe offers a variety of dishes from different cultures with various culinary methods – the Italian (mostly pasta and pizza dishes), the Grill and Griddle (satay, kebab, yakitori..), the Asian (dimsum, Chinese BBQ, Wok, Noodles, and Rice), the Comfort and Favorites (tempura, fried dimsum, pressured fried dishes, and other fried food) and The Pastry (otherwise known as the Desserts section). The food is not bad in terms of taste yet may not be as delicious (except for the Italian food which tastes heavenly!!) compared to other fine dining restaurants and buffets (most particularly in hotels). The overall appearance, however, is presentable and satisfying enough for consumers to crave for the known dishes.

Salad, Appetizer, Pasta & Soup Noodles at The Cafe

There is honestly so much to improve about the City of Dreams Filipino counterpart that I would personally pick Solaire and Resorts World Manila above it for both fine dining and recreational amenities. Yet, I am awfully glad that it is already attractive for a start-up established group of hotels and I am way looking forward to what City of Dreams Manila has to offer.

And meanwhile, the two other hotels of the City of Dreams..

Nobu Hotel
Crown Towers

For more information about City of Dreams Manila


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