English Only Please!

Yet to be brutally honest, this year-end MMFF movie did not move me as much. The story line is too generic for the fact that several films can adapt the similar plot with better twists, and is considered impractical and out-of-reality knowing that a person would not typically hire an interpreter from abroad to have his/her letter translated especially during this New Age when online translators and foreign language dictionaries (e.g. Word Reference, Google Translate..) have predominated our lives. Or, it is not even considered practical for a person to just go to another country and personally meet his/her hired interpreter while s/he can just have it translated online. The film is only appealing (yet slightly) to people can relate, meaning the ones who are either in love and have experienced falling in love. Children are not recommended to watch this film given the exposure of adult scenes that are not even mild.

However, the film is worth as appreciated for its realistic approaches towards love. Love is described realistically to the point that real love is found in an unexpected time and place and that Tere and Julian, the main characters of the film, realized that they had actually found love in the wrong places beforehand. Although it does not deserve to be a big hit like Kim and Xian’s movies such as Past Tense, Bride For Rent, and even Bakit di ka Crush ng Crush mo? (which themselves have more unique story lines, yet idealistic approaches towards love, and can appeal to a wide variety due to kid-friendliness and to its appeal to people who have experienced and not experienced love yet), it still deserves its appreciation providing its given life lessons when it comes to love. Other good sides of English Only Please includes its light comedy scenes, Jennylyn Mercado’s superb acting, and the newly defined love words based on the character’s experiences (“Define tanga, ie. stupid: Tere”).


Country Philippines

Release Date December 25, 2014

Directed By Dan Villegas, starring Jennylyn Mercado, Derek Ramsay, Kean Cipriano, Isabel Oli, Tom Rodriguez, and Cai Cortez.

Genre Comedy, Romance

Length 105 minutes


A Filipino-American man hires a Philippine-based English tutor to translate his English written letter to his Filipino ex-girlfriend now residing in the country. During their succeeding meetings, the two gradually fell in love.

Overall Rating 3.5/5 stars (7/10)


English Only Please, Wikipedia


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