Going organic at The Wholesome Table


Thus, the known slogan of the organic restaurant as it seeks to deliver the healthy eating lifestyle and experience. It has successfully achieved its goal in delivering healthily prepared dishes as seen in the ingredients, the preparation for each (grass-fed cows, free-range poultry, wild caught seafood, chemical-free and processed-free food), dishes labeled as gluten-free, nut-free, for vegetarians and vegans (vegetarians who do not consume animal products, including dairy and eggs), and lightly served dishes making the consumers relaxed rather than weary and lethargic after being full. However, the taste of food can improve especially for its high price. Households and similar restaurants can cook more delicious healthy dishes and although the costliness may be understandable (organic food is usually expensive due to tough preparation), first-time healthy eaters and organic food amateurs may not appreciate the food due to bland taste. Only the oven-baked pizza and pasta dishes are satisfyingly tasty.

Here are some of the restaurant’s featured dishes. Mostly recommended during dinner time (time when people are more encouraged to eat lightly), for healthy eaters, organic food consumers and people aspiring to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle.

Wholesome Salad
Braised Pork Fetuccine
Oven-fired Pizza Margarita
Grass-Fed Beef Tenderloin
Chicken Marsala

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The Wholesome Table Official Website

The Wholesome Table Facebook

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