And the DREAM continues to LIVE ON..

Students, their families and teachers have once again gathered to turn this concert into a memorable experience as to pursue building a better home for students and to help them in living their dreams as performers, developing skills needed in professional world (esp. for trainees and adult students), improving themselves in person and sharing their talents on stage. A sequel to last year’s One Dream benefit concert, the goals of which are to find a better home for students and to help them achieve their dreams, The Dream Lives On is also a success. The known concert has equally promoted the message underlying unity and diversity stating that we are all different and unique and being in the same community, we must learn to tolerate and respect them.

I am personally proud to be part of the concert. It has successfully improved my personality, talents and skills being an all-around performer and staff, unleashed my creative juices while pouring my efforts onto the creation of certain collages and sponsor advertisements in the souvenir program, helped me live my dream as a rock star (although this time, I am more of a member in an all-girls pop group) and further exploited my writing talent as I poured the unforgettable experience it provides into a blog. It has also reunited me with my center-related friends I have not seen for long, the reason I am way looking forward to the concert despite all sweat and blood.

A very special thanks to the organizers, performers and guests for the success of the concert! And also to God for making it come true!!

Dressed as a teen rocker in one of my performances.

Disclaimer. Once again, The Dream Lives On is organized for educational purposes. Concert organized by Candent Learning Haus (CLH). 

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