Past Tense: The Clash Between The Past, The Present, and the Future

There is so much to learn about this film that includes realizations from the past despite being a blockbuster hit. Although it is not possible to literally correct one’s past mistakes in real life, this particular movie is shown as a concrete metaphor of a person looking back to his/her past and striving to become the best person s/he can be after learning from his/her mistakes. It also brings up real-life love-related issues among teenagers and even young adults such as ‘friendzone’ (otherwise known as unrequited love experienced among friends), women running after their ideal men unaware that their actual ideal men are right in front of their eyes making tremendous efforts to prove their love and gain their hearts, men investing their efforts to the women they love despite the unrequited feeling, out-of-league crushes, unrealistic expectations towards love and relationships, the obligation to improve yourself in order to be loved in return (as shown through Babs’ work out as to gain love from Belle) and having an ideal partner portrayal in one’s head (“okay na sana siya kung hindi lang siya chubby,” meaning to say, “he would be okay if he was not chubby.”). The film further suggests that the best way to earn love is through long-term friendships. One sometimes fails to see that the actual ideal partner in his or her head is his or her long-time friend who knows him or her at his or her best and worst, and not his or her crush, who does not even know his or her existence (or only takes it for granted).

Out of all the KimXi (Kim-Xian) movies I have watched recently, Past Tense has the most unique, developed and well-appreciated story line. It is about time that Filipino blockbusters come up with the plot that no other contemporary movie has ever come up with (I personally have not heard of a movie about the woman in her 40’s who wakes up in her coma and takes her chance to change the past where the time travel agent she refers as Papa Time brings her to) and this comedy film finally managed to seize it. The never-ending laughter, the natural, yet comedic acting and Jacob Benedicto’s (I am personally a fan of his) cameo appearances make Past Tense more worth the watch. However, the lack of unrealism in the plot (such as waking up in a 20 year coma) is what drags the film down.


Country Philippines

Release Date November 26, 2014.

Directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar, starring Kim Chiu, Xian Lim, and Ai-ai Delas Alas

Genre Comedy, Romance


After a two decade coma, Belle wakes up as a forty-something adult and travels into her past as time travel agent named Papa Time allows her to. She then realizes her mistakes especially when it comes to choosing Carlos over her best friend Babs, and changes her story into a new direction wherein she finally ends with the latter.

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars (9/10)


“Watch Kim, Xian, and Ai-ai in ‘Past Tense’ full trailer,” Star Cinema official website


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