Why Halloween is my favorite holiday

Here came the opportunities to transform into our scary-like creatures and to express our inner monsters. It was finally the time of the year to feast under the sights of pumpkin Jack-O lanterns, scarecrows, graveyards and spider-webbed homes, and to yearn for trick or treats dressed in our monstrous creepy selves. It was finally the time to dance to the beats of Michael Jackson’s Thriller dressed as zombies and to scream to the highest level at those eerie bloody scenes in high definition horror films. It was also the time to fill our stomachs with homemade oozing bloodshot eye jellies, chilly booger-like cucumber, and thick and blood-like tomato soups, as well as to trick others with a picture of our bloody hand carrying a knife (or without is already enough) in the sink while it was only coated with red food color that looked like real blood. At the foremost, my favorite holiday of the year had arrived. I was glad to have the opportunity to celebrate it this year, with a Zombie Apocalypse survival run in my hometown, a simple silent movie The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari marathon, a series of gore anime episodes marathon (Parasyte and Terra Formars), and a witch-costume worn in the Halloween Party of the special education center I am working for and also while providing trick or treats to children at my village. Halloween self pictorials, in other words, Halloween selfies, never failed to amaze me during this spooktacular time of the year.

With a zombie during the run
The scariest creatures I encountered while running

Others would either claim Christmas, New Year’s Eve or even Valentine’s Day as their favorite. I consider Halloween to be my top holiday, simply because I grew up with the likes of dark gothic sceneries, gore, horror films and works of literature (novels, poems..) and fantasy creatures (witches, ghosts, bats, black cats, centaurs, unicorns, vampires, Dracula..). Halloween presents a grand opportunity to exploit more of these than I would in an ordinary day – seeing those dressed creatures roaming in streets, those horror haunted decorated houses and gardens and lit graveyards, dressing up as one’s own monster and decorating one’s house as though it was haunted and abandoned. The known holiday also unleashes our inner creativity while we decorate our own houses with haunted looks, cook creepy and typical horror and dark comedy movie dishes inspired by a number of Halloween recipes online, and design our costumes through imitation of our favorite horror and dark fantasy creatures, doing a crossover of two-to-three creatures and/or fictional characters and improvisation of our own creepily designed costume. It is as considered as a momentum of our inner childhood, with the sole opportunity to yearn for bittersweet treats (and/or to help ourselves getting them) and to dress up.

These are the reasons for making HALLOWEEN as MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY. While Valentine’s Day would satisfy love and romance fanatics the most, Halloween would be more ideal for aficionados of FEAR and SCARE.

Me dressed in witch costume about to provide trick or treats to little monsters asking for them

I also took Halloween as an opportunity to pray for the departed souls together with my family and relatives. Hope you had a blessed All Saint’s and Soul’s Weekend, and of course, THE HAPPIEST (AND CREEPIEST) HALLOWEEN!

Dressed as ‘the joker witch’

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