Macau: The Country of Dreams

Finally had an escape from a daily routine even though it only took a little while. There is more to this country than how it is referred as a casino capital in Asia as it also includes the following attractions.

photo1 (4)
A-Ma Temple (Macau’s oldest temple) and its interiors
From left to right, top to bottom: St. Paul’s Ruins (facade of old church Mater Dei), The Tower of Macau, Koi Kee bakery (near A-Ma temple), Portuguese houses in Taipa Macau Old Town and an outstanding graffiti building
City of Dreams at night (top left) and Venetian Macao Hotel’s interiors and surroundings
Dreamworks Parade at Sands Cotai Central

And finally the view of Macau from the tower..


Macau is not an ideal place for multi-travelers like me to visit. Its imitated yet developed and mostly man-made attractions makes it a less interesting country to step into, as those are typically found in many European and Asian countries (e.g. Gondola boats and the sea, which areoriginally found in Venice, Italy) and are more worth to see in the named continents. Meanwhile, the picturesque graffiti walls in some buildings, the House of Dancing Water and the amazing interiors of Venetian Macao, malls and even over pass walking areas are what appeals me most. Macau is most recommended for first-time and amateur travelers to visit, thus the title of the blog entry named: “Macau: the Country of Dreams.”

I personally enjoyed my stay despite the imitated and less interesting attractions seen in the country. I am glad to have given the opportunity to visit a place I myself have never set my foot into, and to take a break from my routine, busy and fast-paced daily life.

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