One day in COSMANIA 2014

It is indeed a pleasure to have attended this major cosplay convention, having shopped for worth-keeping merch and witnessed several well-done cosplays. Here are some of the best features found in this particular event.
















And meanwhile, the most anticipated anime this Fall 2014..



The mere purchase of Bronze ticket will not guarantee the unforgettable experience that this huge cosplay event seeks to provide. It mainly features booths, as well as little activities, which may not respond to a cosplay convention goer’s expectations in a said event. However, it is possible to still upgrade one’s Bronze ticket into Silver at the very least. A purchase of Silver ticket will at least guarantee an experience sought by a cosplay convention goer, seeing multiple well-designed cosplays, a gigantesque and cute Pikachu maskot, and a huge cosplay contest filled with advance leveled cosplayers with certain years of experiences and outstanding skills. The upgrade (from bronze to silver, for instance) will require an additional price as to reach the original price of the said ticket type when bought initially (in Silver ticket’s case, it is to reach P 250 and therefore, requires an additional price of P 100 when upgrading a Bronze ticket).

cosmania tickets
Cosmania Ticket Matrix presenting the activities proposed by each ticket type. Taken from Cosmania Facebook page.

Cosplay Mania (COSMANIA) ’14. October 4-5, 2014 @ SMX Convention Center (SM Mall of Asia). 

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There is more to The House of Dancing Water than a mere play

It is spectacular with the facts that it extends way beyond its musical theater aspect and it involves acrobats, the use of “water” both as props and as the subject of the show with its literal dancing performance, a few ballet performances, and a motor cross exhibition held in the middle of the play. All these provide a colorful and flavorful look to the play’s simple story line, making it worth the watch for every tourist that steps foot in Macau. Here are the interesting scenes found in the play and as much as I was forbidden to take photos with my camera phone that lights up like a flash even without a flash, I still managed to document.









It is rare to find similar plays in any countries I have been to. Another aspect to appreciate about the play is its uniqueness as witnessed in its first look at stage decorations, at a musical play rolled into ballet performances, acrobat shows and motor cross exhibitions, and at the use of ‘water’ as subject and props.

The actual stage

It is indeed impossible not to get wet while watching this spectacular play. But still I enjoyed it!

Where and when to watch the play Macau, City of Dreams. Everyday except Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Directed by Franco Dragone


A fisherman encounters a legend as he immerses himself into deep water. The legend tells the tale of a young man about to save the princess enslaved by her evil stepmother.

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars (9/10)

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Golden Peacock: a restaurant that opens doors to authentic Indian culinary treasure

It is not surprising to know that it received the Best Special F&B Awards in the 2014 Hurun Presidential Awards ( and several good reviews, given the delicious specialties and the overall high-end Indian dining ambiance provided by the restaurant’s interior decorations. Golden Peacock is definitely recommended to both Indian food lovers and amateurs of Indian cuisine. While the restaurant opened my interest towards Indian specialties, here are some of the mixed dishes I ate, devoured and enjoyed.

Entree / Salad
Spicy Tomato soup with Pita bread
First Main Course
Second Main Course
Camomile Tea

And meanwhile, the restaurant itself located in Venetian Macao..





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Macau: The Country of Dreams

Finally had an escape from a daily routine even though it only took a little while. There is more to this country than how it is referred as a casino capital in Asia as it also includes the following attractions.

photo1 (4)
A-Ma Temple (Macau’s oldest temple) and its interiors
From left to right, top to bottom: St. Paul’s Ruins (facade of old church Mater Dei), The Tower of Macau, Koi Kee bakery (near A-Ma temple), Portuguese houses in Taipa Macau Old Town and an outstanding graffiti building
City of Dreams at night (top left) and Venetian Macao Hotel’s interiors and surroundings
Dreamworks Parade at Sands Cotai Central

And finally the view of Macau from the tower..


Macau is not an ideal place for multi-travelers like me to visit. Its imitated yet developed and mostly man-made attractions makes it a less interesting country to step into, as those are typically found in many European and Asian countries (e.g. Gondola boats and the sea, which areoriginally found in Venice, Italy) and are more worth to see in the named continents. Meanwhile, the picturesque graffiti walls in some buildings, the House of Dancing Water and the amazing interiors of Venetian Macao, malls and even over pass walking areas are what appeals me most. Macau is most recommended for first-time and amateur travelers to visit, thus the title of the blog entry named: “Macau: the Country of Dreams.”

I personally enjoyed my stay despite the imitated and less interesting attractions seen in the country. I am glad to have given the opportunity to visit a place I myself have never set my foot into, and to take a break from my routine, busy and fast-paced daily life.

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Nyctinasty vs Tiger Pussy: The Battle Between Two Beauties

I am glad to have discovered these two bands in Bazooka Rocks concert. My passion towards female fronted and all-girl alternative rock bands pushed me to discover them further by listening more to their upbeat energetic tunes and to appreciate them more to the point that I have become their fan. Tiger Pussy provides more of a Yeah-Yeah-Yeahs punk rock edge, pouring their inner drive into their music that gives an overall catchy and dynamic sound. Nyctinasty, however, is more comparable to the more gentle sounds of Paramore and Gracenote (another local front-act of the same mentioned concert). Although their stage performance is a lot heavier (it is even heavier than Tiger Pussy’s) than their recording, they still remain as appreciable as the previously mentioned band.

I personally love them so much that I already feel like downloading all their tunes in my laptop and other gadgets, and listening to them day by day. More power to these girls!!!



Noodle Perez – vocals, guitar

Patricia Anne Garcia – guitars

Levi Reyes – bass, back-up vocals

Nikki Cuna – drums

Founded in 2006, wherein Noodle, and Pat first recruited the hidden “Nikki” to play drums for them, then Levi to play the bass. They currently play in gigs and biggest music festivals, and launched their first album in 2010.


Nyctinasty’s official websites and pages

– Nyctinasty from outside sources



Jan Sunday – vocals

Shak – bass

Banjo – guitar

Ricky – drums

Founded in 2008 where their common love for punk rock and annihilation of personal demons glued them as a band. Originated in Cebu City, Philippines.


– Tiger Pussy’s official websites and pages

– Tiger Pussy on outside sources

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