PBB All-In Part 2: Why these housemates clearly deserve to be part of Big Four?

While the PBB All-In Part 1 article is mainly focused on who would have been part of Big Four, this short blog will provide an explanation as to why Daniel, Maris, and Vickie, three of my personal bets, deserve to be part of the finalist circle.



Another heartthrob of the batch. His pleasant personality, grand dedicated contribution to tasks, role model and older brother figure turn his Big Winner charisma into full package, and his fully pledged Pusong Pinoy (i.e Filipino at heart) tagline provides his fans a certain amount of chills. Like Jacob, I have been a fan of Daniel Matsunaga for several years. One reason I am glad that he won the title.



Known as the teen singing sensation. She has proven well enough in her talents in singing, playing guitar, even dancing and acting, as well as being the best role model among teen housemates. On the other hand, she might not be that much of a Big Four material given the lack of contributions she had. It would have been better if her efforts in tasks were shown on television, be it the weekly tasks and the household chores.



The typical ‘dalagang Filipina‘ (i.e. Filipino lady figure) for her refined personality that she was not ashamed to show inside the house. Although it would have been better to see more of her initiation and assertion, I admire her for standing up for her character as a quiet person (and proud).

All in all, I am glad that these three have reached this far. I would have loved to see my other bets being part of the circle, but I am already satisfied that three of them are already taken as the Big Four.

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