PBB All-In Part 1: Who else would have been part of Big Four?

It has been a week since the Philippine famous reality show has ended. The ‘teleserye ng totoong buhay‘ (i.e. real-life based television series) has proclaimed Daniel Matsunaga as its Big Winner and it is not surprising to see how the celebrity housemate ended with the title. Celebrities have long yearned for him as proven in social networking sites and he had few BBE (vote to evict) voters despite not receiving the most percentage of BBS (vote to save) votes. Thus, he ended having the highest percentage of net votes. The results are rather satisfying, given how Daniel, as well as Vickie and Maris, are three of my personal bets.

There are far more deserving housemates among the early evictees. It is a pity that they did not manage to get that far, providing that they did not gain much exposure and earn many supporters resulting from unfamiliarity. However, there are so much more about these housemates than a regular audience has ever seen. These are the housemates I would love to see as part of Big Four, as much as I am proud of Daniel, Vickie and Maris to be the actual finalists.



My potential Big Winner of the batch. I can already see the Nene Tamayo and Slater Young (PBB 1 and PBB Unlimited Big Winners) as soon as she arrived, and both her personality and contributions in the blue and yellow house turn her more into Big Winner material. She is as well-dedicated to her tasks, as much as she is a role model to both housemates and televiewers by being a God-devotee and a matured, caring and understanding older sister/mother/leader figure. The audience deserves to see more of these television personalities, as to influence them in a better way.



The father and older brother figure of the batch. Although he tends to treat the younger housemates as he would treat people his age (26), he still has provided a tremendous amount of care and understanding in the house as Jayme has.



The jolly duo who instantly light up the mood. I was expecting that they would make it in the finale and given the “it” factor that they have shown as housemates, I would be more than glad to have them part of the finalist circle, if not Big Winner even. Another reason for electing them as potential Big Four housemates is that they are easy to get along with the housemates.



The ultimate heartthrob and my favorite housemate of this season. He is the primary reason I watched PBB All In in the first place and as his fan for two and a half years, I am certain that this housemate has lots to showcase including his incredible singing voice, cooking skills, and a pleasing personality that melts every fan’s heart. He means a lot to both housemates and fans as much as the twin housemates Fourth and Fifth do. Thus, their respective eviction nights involve the most tear jerking scenes.

PBB is a mass-produced show based on votes. The housemates gaining the most votes during nomination are more likely to stay longer on scene and it turns out that they have the most exposure making them more familiar to the public eye. Setting aside, I am glad that Daniel, Maris, and Vickie made it to the finals. MY BIGGEST CONGRATULATIONS TO MR. DANIEL MATSUNAGA FOR WINNING THE NIGHT!!!!


N.B. The BBS/BBE voting system usually takes place at the approach of Big Night. The televiewers have a power to either maintain a housemate inside the house through BBS (vote to save) and to eject a housemate through BBE (vote to evict) in their text votes. Each housemate has an accumulated percentage of net votes deriving from their percentages of BBS and BBE votes and the housemate gaining the least net votes is claimed as the latest evictee. However, in the Big Night, the ranking of Big Four housemates are based on the net vote rankings (from highest to lowest).

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