The Fault in our Stars: a film filled with one last hope

And the film is worth-appreciating more than this brief review can express. It is heartwarming in a way that the young adults battling with cancer are still finding their wills to live, and provokes emotions that include comedic acts from Isaac, the patient who loses his eyesight, as well as teary-eyed scenes especially at the approach of Gus’s death. Moreover, the overall acting is so natural that it increases the film’s realistic aspect. The expressions shown by the characters are close to the ones depicted by real-life cancer survivors and their surrounding loved ones.

The inspirational part of the film lies in its implication of several life-learning lessons related to renewed faith and hope. This is seen in the central themes including self-determination, following one’s heart desire, being successful in one’s field, viewing the harsh world optimistically, fighting for survival, finding one’s purpose in life and standing up for one’s faith and beliefs, as well as in minor relational themes like love, friendship and concern. Other than adding to the audience’s inspiration, they also make the movie even more heartwarming. All of these personally inspires me, as an audience, to fight my everyday struggles, to follow my own path and succeed in it, to solve my own problems productively and with faith, and to be thankful for my own blessings while being considerate towards the less-fortunate.

And finally, the title of John Greene’s (the author) work is an oxymoron of the plot. While the title sounds more like a blame and/or a complaint, the plot gives an atmosphere of faith among the readers and the audience wherein Hazel Grace attempts to live her best moments before her last breath.


Country USA

Release Date June 6, 2014 (USA)

Based On John Greene’s The Fault in Our Stars

Directed By Josh Boone

Starring Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Nat Wolff, Willem Dafoe

Genre Drama, Romance

Length 125 min long


A teenager diagnosed with cancer named Hazel Grace attempts to live the best of her moments. Her faith and hope is renewed as she meets Augustus in support center, with whom she falls in love.


“That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.” – Augustus Waters

Overall Rating 4.95/5 stars (9.9/10)


The Fault in Our Stars, IMDb

The Fault in Our Stars (film), Wikipedia

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