Maleficent: a bittersweet version that provides every sinner a better light

Yet, the movie was hard to appreciate at first. Its plot concept was confusing in a way that it was incomprehensibly distorted, failing to provide any direct clues as to why the supposedly evil Maleficent became a good-turned-evil fairy. It was expected to be a movie following the animated adaptation with Maleficent as the main character, yet the plot turned out differently. Other aspects that made this movie lovable enough to hate were Maleficent’s shallow reasons for casting a spell on Aurora (to be perfectly honest, I would prefer if Maleficent came up with deeper reasons other than her break-up with Stephan) and those dragging scenes that literally bored the audience.

But my views as an audience turned out differently as the film reached its middle. I realized that Maleficent had several aspects to offer, one of which was unpredictability. The audience suddenly realizes the film’s purpose as he or she ends the film, which is to create a different plot concept from the animated version. This even provides a twist wherein Aurora’s father Stephan is the real villain of the story. He is the one to blame for the bitterness increased in Maleficent (yet Maleficent is also responsible for her mistakes and she ends up fully admitting it), which brings her to plot for cruel revenge. Another twist lies in Maleficent growing to be Aurora’s lovable mother figure, in contrast with the animated version wherein Maleficent is a pure wicked fairy that casts spell on Aurora due to jealousy.

The film never fails to provide the golden lesson that sinners can be saints. This is reflected upon Maleficent’s life story as a whole, wherein her long lost love for Stephan turns her into a bitter evil fairy leading her to destroy the kingdom and casting a sleeping curse. It also teaches the audience that every sinner has his or her chance to correct his or her mistake. Maleficent takes that opportunity by saving Aurora from the curse, and her kiss proves well that she is indeed Aurora’s true love, being a mother figure as her love towards her grows.

And there goes the rest of the black comedy’s anticipating aspects that includes the graphics, the special effects and the overall light yet grotesque scenery (which the blogger personally loves). Angelina Jolie did her job well in performing her role as a pure-hearted villain and it is not surprising to see how the role fits her.


Country  USA

Release Date  May 30, 2014 (USA)

Based On  Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and Charles Perrault’s La Belle au Bois Dormant (The Beauty Sleeping in the Wood)

Directed By  Robert Stromberg

Starring Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Juno Temple

Genre Adventure, Fantasy

Length 97 min long


Followed by her lover’s betrayal in following his father’s footstep’s to become King, Maleficent seeks revenge through destruction of the Kingdom and her eternal spell on Aurora (her lover’s daughter). The latter is then destined to sleep as her finger gets pricked at her sixteenth birthday, until her “claimed true love” kisses and awakens her.

Overall Rating  3.75/5 stars (7.5/10) – due to misunderstood distortion of the plot and the dragging early scenes.


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Maleficent, Wikipedia


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