#PBB3rdEviction: “We’re proud of you, Jacob.”

And forever I will be. I have been a fan for two years and I am glad how joining various reality talent shows has turned the singer and theater actor I have discovered on YouTube into stardom. I have dedicated my full-pledged support ever since I have heard his angelic voice in one of his cover videos (which unfortunately can no longer be found on YouTube) and felt teary-eyed knowing that it was time for him to leave the Big Brother House. Tears fell harder when Kuya (in other words, Big Brother) expressed his words of farewell to Jacob. He was the only evictee who has received such message of warmth, marking how valuable he has been to his co-housemates as well as to his dedication to tasks.

There are several aspects I admire about this cutie crooner. One of them involves the fact that he is multi-talented. I tend to look up to these kinds of people being one myself, and his outstanding theatrical singing voice pushed me to admire him further and learn what he has to offer other than singing and acting. Then it turns out that he is also a chef at heart. Having such talents makes me so much relatable to him, given how I share the same talents as him even though I am more into baking than cooking, as well as being a middle child, a person who grew up abroad, and a quiet person who does not tend to stand upfront for his opinions, is often mistaken as a playing safe housemate who is not true to oneself and is seen as lazy despite waiting for a task, which he will do in no doubt. Sharing the same attributes as him makes me admire him even more both as a housemate and a person. I even felt flattered knowing that my favorite dish turned out to be his culinary specialty (which is pasta).

Another aspect I love about Jacob is his determination to follow his dreams. He is not the type to give everything up whenever he loses, as proven how he keeps joining several television talent searches (Kanta Pilipinas, The Voice and now, PBB All In) despite not being part of the finalists circle, and would still do his best to be recognized and aim for his showbiz dream. He even inspires me to face my everyday struggles, to have faith in myself, find my direction in life no matter how hard it is, and to aim for my goals and hit them. Seeing his smile just makes my day any better. I also love his sweet, compassionate and friendly personality that he has shown inside the house, and it is pretty understandable how his departure grieved his co-housemates.

Not forgetting to mention that Jacob is undeniably handsome! It is one of his attributes that first turned me into a fan, which indeed brought me to like his Facebook page, follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud, subscribe to his YouTube account, buy the magazines where he is featured, and watch him in reality talent search shows and guestings. His talent and personality increased my fandom to its highest level, and therefore made me socialize with his other fans virtually and convert my real-life friends into fans.

He may be one of the evictees this season, but opportunities will certainly come knocking at his door. He already has that artista (celebrity, in other words) factor, and there is a chance he will be given future projects that will improve him further as a person just as PBB did. GO TEAM JACOB!

Photo taken from Official Jacob Benedicto FB group page

For more Jacobian feels

Jacob’s interview on Ubertime

“Leaving on a Jetplane” by Maris, Jane & Jacob

Mommy Anne’s (Jacob’s mom) on Ubertime

Jacob’s house on uberKatok

Where to follow him

@jacobbenedicto (Twitter & Instagram)


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  1. Reblogged this on prettybabydotme1 and commented:
    Before I don’t know him as an actor. He just joined starstruck kids and an extra in tv drama. Before he became a popular because he was interview by the tv hosts. I really really like him so much and when I was a new student from Cavite School of Life, I don’t know him yet then when I was Grade 8 I know him already.

    He made me harana with his 2 boy friends; Sule and Jaime and I feel happy and surprised in that day.

    After they said “I love you.” When I speak sometimes to Miguel in school, I share a lot of stories about friendship, family, and everything about my life. He protected me when my cousins teased me especially when I comment to Kuya Jonrey’s facebook about: ” You’re so handsome like Miguel Tanfelix” then he didn’t reply in any of my comments. I told him about that, he said:”grabe naman yun”. and I told him that he quarreled me with no reasons at all, he said also; “ang sama naman”.

    “Inaabangan ko siya talaga sa lahat ng palabas para maging happy siya sa akin lalo na yung Nino na bagong tv show niya.” “Nakakarelate naman ako sa role play niya as bata kasi noong bata pa siya naaksidente na sa ilog pagkatapos iligtas si Gracie(Bianca Umali). ” Just continue supporting him…


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