Naked Blood Megyaku: The Pain of Pleasure That Turns Back Into Pain

This movie is painful in a good way. The pain of pleasure theory is quickly translated into a vivid literal imagery through a simple and gory story line, wherein a young scientist experiments his newly founded painkilling drug – named MySon – on three ladies, and they in turn suffer brutal side effects leading them to either take pleasure in harming themselves and others. Other genius sides in the film lie in the name MySon and its implied irony. Literally suggesting the idea of having a child, it turns out that the known drug actually gives birth to so-eternal happiness leading to eternal pleasure of pain, insanity and even death, after being mixed with the anti-pregnancy experiments conducted by the scientist’s mom.

But the real genius aspect lies in the extremity of gore. The movie itself has managed to captivate cringe among the audience, most particularly through enormous presence of blood and close-ups of self-mutilation, self-cannibalism and atrocious sadistic murders. These alone have outlawed the movie’s flaws including boring and unnecessary scenes, and some confusion in the plot wherein sometimes the audience does not receive the answers to their questions they have been asking themselves throughout the film. The film can also involve various interpretations – wherein the drug is perceived to directly turn pain into pleasure by manipulating the users into self-exploitation of hurting themselves and others, or to actually kill pain with a side effect of manipulating drug users into resorting to harm when taken excessively or with another drug. Or it may be that their curiosity in not feeling pain in their unintentional simple wounds after the drug injection leads them to hurt more even until they are soaked with blood. The movie is likewise interpreted as a morbid metaphor of damaging effects of drugs consumption in general, providing the bloodily damaged painkilling drug subjects as an example.

Definitely a recommendation for gore and horror aficionados. The film never fails to answer their expectations in what makes an excellent gore/horror masterpiece.


Country Japan

Release Date February 20, 1996

Based on its original movie The Genuine Rape (1987) from the same director.

Directed by Hisayasu Sato

Starring Misa Aika, Yumika Hayashi, Mika Kirihara, Sadao Abe.

Genre Horror, Psychological.

Length 76 min long


The young scientist named Eigi creates a painkilling drug called MySon and experiments it on three women who are also subjects of his mother’s anti-pregnancy test. The effects of the known drug slowly take their toll on the three subjects, often leading to self-cannibalism, masochistic self-mutilation and sadistic murders.

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars (9/10)


Naked Blood, Megyaku IMDb

Naked Blood, Wikipedia


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