Las Pinas Bamboo Organ: The Landmark of the City

I have never discovered the essence of my hometown. It was my first time to explore the National Treasure of the Philippines known as The Bamboo Organ, which is just located in St. Joseph Parish Church residing in Las Pinas City (10 minutes away from NAIA- Ninoy Aquino International Airport). An invention of Fr. Diego Cera, a Spanish missionary and the first Parish priest in Las Pinas, the organ is composed of 1,031 pipes, 902 of which are made of bamboo. It is the only surviving 19th century Bamboo Organ in the Philippines, as recognized by the National Museum in November 2003.

The following are the interesting features seen in the organ’s proximity. The church itself is made of adobe (volcanic) stones and was constructed between 1797 and 1819, making it one of the most renowned antique churches in the country.

St. Joseph Parish Church, Las Pinas City
Bamboo Organ’s Short History
Fr. Diego Cera’s portrait – the founder of the organ
Sample Bamboo Organ in the museum
Playing a sample on the sample keyboard
2_6_2014 2_50_05 PM_jpg
The interiors of the church
The Bamboo Organ and the Pianist

Enjoy your virtual tour!


For more information about the Bamboo Organ

Bamboo Organ Foundation, Inc. Official Website

Las Pinas Metro Manila, Philippines Official Website Bamboo Organ of Las Pinas


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