Corpse Party: the game of trials, horror, blood fights, and surviving to the fittest


Directed By Akira Iwanaga

Producer Asreed

Original Run

Corpse Party Missing Footage: August 2, 2012 (1 Episode, Finished)
Corpse Party Tortured Souls: July 24, 2013 (4 Episodes, Finished)

Genre Horror, Psychological


A group of high school students are brought to Heavenly Host Elementary School (located at the same area as their current school years ago) after telling ghost stories to each other and performing a certain charm. This is where a series of student and staff murders and disappearances took place, thus haunted by murdered school children.

Main Review

Plucked eyes, ruthless killings, scenes filled with blood..all these make Corpse Party into an excellent brutal gore anime. It is as disturbing as expected due to astounding sound effects and actual scenes providing an eerie atmosphere, and the story line best qualifies Corpse Party as one of the renowned gore anime of our time. It is a survival game where a group of high school friends attempt to escape the haunting of murdered children in Heavenly Host Elementary School. The anime has managed to captivate the audience with fear and disturbance, despite having a deja-vu survival plot.

The sequence of plot is to be appreciated. I love how each happening is organized into five OVAs (original video animation), starting from the prologue where the actual murder took place to the final ending where only two of the friends have survived and found their way back.  Each of the OVA is best in telling its own story descriptively. While The Missing Footage is based on the anime prologue, the remaining OVAs are based on the actual story line of survival and escape. Each Tortured Souls OVA represents the chapter of survival. The first OVA is based on the charm performance and the transportation, while the last OVA is about knowing the culprit behind the murder and the last attempts to escape.

I cannot find what is not to like in this anime. The lack of originality may hinder it from being perfect, yet its high fearful and disturbing impact has well outlawed its flaw. Corpse Party is highly recommended to gore and horror aficionados, given the high gore level that it provides through its extreme bloodshot scenes. Definitely better than Danganronpa, a mediocre adaptation of the same genre, and Mirai Nikki, a gore anime that only seeks to please the mainstream (reason why it is considered to fall under horror and romance, with so much light horror and romance in it).

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars (9/10)


Corpse Party: Tortured Souls MyAnime List

Corpse Party Wikipedia


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