“What is your One Dream?” My Ultimate One Dream Experience

Each of us has his or her own dream in life. My biggest dream, for instance, is to become an accomplished musician and artist. I’ve been working hard enough to attain those goals and realize how I’m close to reaching it – being in a band/theater, performing in various places and ending with my solo performance in One Dream. My other dream consists in being an inspiration and role model to the youth with special needs, the main reason for me to become part of the organizing team and the line of performers.

The concert has its own dream too. Teachers, students and guest performers have poured their efforts in turning One Dream into a memorable experience, as much as I strive being the best musician and artist I can be. The benefit concert is indeed a success!! The room is filled as expected and the concert gave me as much unforgettable feels – performing on stage, watching others perform, helping the organizing team and reuniting with my friends. One Dream realized. Yes indeed. 

My solo performance during the concert

Disclaimer. One Dream Benefit Concert, organized by Candent Learning Haus (CLH), is for educational purposes only. It is neither related to any profit organization nor a profit concert. 

Candent Learning Haus Official Website and Page


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