The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Never mind about the portion of the book plot turned into an entire movie story line. The Hobbit is awesome either way. Watching from the start dragged me to appreciate its usual full-loaded action scenes, as well as its epic and heroic fantasy vibe expected in a movie of particular genre. However, it is more necessary to watch it in normal viewing. The impact of its 3D version is indifferent from the normal and it isn’t as spectacular as other 3D movies.

It’s best to read the book before hitting the movie. Three expected movies will all be based on one novel and reading it will facilitate the audience’s awareness of which portion of the story they’re at.

I personally love The Hobbit more than words can describe. One reason for this unusual short review.

the hobbit


Release Date December 13, 2013

Based on JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit 

Directed by Peter Jackson

Starring Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Orlando Bloom.

Genre Adventure, Fantasy.

Length 161 min long

the hobbit_2

Overall Rating 4.95/5 stars (9.9/10)

Rating due to the plot confusion for the audience who hasn’t read the book. The producers should have made the movie more understandable for the masses, informing them which part of book story the film covers, while remaining loyal to the novel as to satisfy the Hobbit lovers.

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug IMDb


Grease is the Word..the Musical Review

From Summer Nights to You’re the One I Want…

Grease is ALWAYS THE WORD!  

It is excellent in musical performances particularly in how the catchy songs and engaging dance numbers captivated the entire audience. Stars including Iya Villania and Frencheska Farr are surely not to be missed. The scene arrangement (unexpected scene changes) may be an issue yet it doesn’t affect the overall entertainment. WAY TO GO GREASE!!


Directed by Robbie Guevara

Starring Iya Villania, Frencheska Farr..

Overall Rating 4/5 stars (8/10)

Proceeds of this show are donated to victims of the typhoon via Philippine Red Cross. Another reason to watch and enjoy! 

“What is your One Dream?” My Ultimate One Dream Experience

Each of us has his or her own dream in life. My biggest dream, for instance, is to become an accomplished musician and artist. I’ve been working hard enough to attain those goals and realize how I’m close to reaching it – being in a band/theater, performing in various places and ending with my solo performance in One Dream. My other dream consists in being an inspiration and role model to the youth with special needs, the main reason for me to become part of the organizing team and the line of performers.

The concert has its own dream too. Teachers, students and guest performers have poured their efforts in turning One Dream into a memorable experience, as much as I strive being the best musician and artist I can be. The benefit concert is indeed a success!! The room is filled as expected and the concert gave me as much unforgettable feels – performing on stage, watching others perform, helping the organizing team and reuniting with my friends. One Dream realized. Yes indeed. 

My solo performance during the concert

Disclaimer. One Dream Benefit Concert, organized by Candent Learning Haus (CLH), is for educational purposes only. It is neither related to any profit organization nor a profit concert. 

Candent Learning Haus Official Website and Page

Metallica Through The Never: The Ultimate Movie Concert Experience


It’s definitely an experience that no Metallica fan should ever miss. I’m glad to have grabbed this sole opportunity in winning free tickets for the premiere and I absolutely rocked the movie at its finest. It never fails to give that heavy metal concert ambiance, although it would have been more felt when watched live. It is creative of their part to have a particular story line, wherein the young roadie/concert-goer called Trip faced a surreal adventure after being sent on a mission during the band’s show.

It is not worth paying too much attention on Trip scenes to fully enjoy the film. There are some instances when Trip’s scenes seem out of place, looking unrelated to the played songs as they do not illustrate the song themes. There are also instances when the audience does not understand Trip’s role in the entire film. It is expected that it would just be a mere live concert turned into a movie, yet the producers have thought of creating a story line out of the movie concert. The concreteness of the story line is sure to be improved.

I’d recommend this movie concert to Metallica fans as well as other rock and metal fanatics, especially Metallica aficionados. It is still worth-watching despite the vague yet to be improved story line.


Country: USA

Release Date: October 4, 2013

Directed By: Nimrod Antal

Starring Dane DeHaan, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo

Genre Music

Length 93 min long


A young roadie called Trip is sent on a mission during the band’s concert, further leading him to a surreal adventure.


Overall Rating: 4/5 stars (8/10)


Metallica Through The Never IMDb


Da Vinci The Genius: The Man Who Knows Everything

Only know him as an artist? Then better consider that again. Leonardo Da Vinci is not just an artist who’s famous for his Mona Lisa painting (otherwise known as La Joconde in French) but is also a scientist and inventor of things we have been using ’till today – planes, war materials, and other sorts of machinery. It is indeed him who discovered the optical theory explaining why we see things. It is because of the light emitted by an exterior object penetrates the eye, the image of which is interpreted by the brain (documentary show in the museum, see sketch below for visual explanation).

The following are the pictures of some Da Vinci’s innovations in the exhibition. These may seem like a replica, but they give a slight idea what Da Vinci’s innovations are like.

Da Vinci’s physics inventions
Paracadute (Parachute)
Meccanismo d’Oroglio (Clock Mechanism)
Stanza degli Specci (Mirrors Room)
Stanza degli Specci (Mirrors Room)
Bombarda (Cannon)
Mitragliatrice a Ventaglio (Multi-Directional Gun Machine)
Catapulta (The Catapult)
Carro Armato (Tank)
Citta Ideale (The Ideal City)
Codices (otherwise known as Da Vinci’s manuscripts)
Codices (otherwise known as Da Vinci’s manuscripts)

Not forgetting to feature his most notable Renaissance paintings..

IMG_6431 IMG_6435

IMG_6434 IMG_6439

Hope you enjoyed your tour!

Photos taken in  Da Vinci The Genius Exhibition in The Mind Museum, Taguig City Philippines. For more information about the museum, please visit its website, Facebook  and Twitter pages. You can also read about it in The Mind Museum, Trip Advisor.

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