“You are the masterpiece of your own life.” The Secret (Law of Attraction) Review.


This movie provides a lot of lessons. It tells how a particular human being is responsible for anything that happens to him or her. This is based on the attraction theory stating that the human’s thoughts drag him or her to act in a certain way and/or provoke certain feelings and emotions that eventually leads to external consequences caused by his or her own doing. One proof of theory is the case with the bullied homosexual employee. He ends up loving his job by maintaining focus on his love for his job responsibilities rather than the fact that he’s always bullied by his discriminating employees. Another example is a hypothetical case wherein the person is killed in a car accident. He or she is far dragged in an accident unconsciously, due to the fact that he or she may not be that careful enough in crossing the street or fails to be aware in his or her surroundings.

It is an enjoyable documentary film to begin with. It is also an inspiring life-changing film, in a way that it motivates people to focus on the positive aspects of life in order to feel blessed, happy and enjoy life in its finest. There’s also a portion about relationships, of which advice can be useful to many.

Love yourself first, be attracted to embrace the attributes you have and you’ll be attracted to become confident enough to show your perks that will therefore attract a certain person who will be attracted to love you for the real you.

In other words, you should begin to love yourself and a certain person will love you for who you are.

If you’re looking for an inspiring breath taking film, The Secret is a lot more worth than you think. It will eventually change your life at the very best.

Written By Rhonda Byrne’s work

Directed By Drew Heriot

Release Year 2006

Overall Rating 5/5 stars (10/10)

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Disclaimer: Do not consider this film as religion and philosophy affiliated. One tip to fully appreciate it is to take life lessons enabling to live an inspiring and enjoyable life. 


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